Fading Suns 2020

  • I had a bad dream that I was still playing a Fading Suns game.

    Come at me.

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    @Apollonius I'll leave this in the Constructive section of the forum for now although... I don't see it.

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    @Arkandel said in Fading Suns 2020:

    @Apollonius I'll leave this in the Constructive section of the forum for now although... I don't see it.

    I'm not even sure what the fucking point of the thread is.

    Are we supposed to, what? criticize? comiserate? what?

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    What is Fading Suns?

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    New edition of the game coming soon from Ulisses Spiel, German RPG company that published 'The Dark Eye' (Germany's version of D&D, since TSR never acquired German rights), whose North American branch has the rights to the 40K license and is responsible for the TORG revival.

    Kickstarter begins March 24th.


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    It actually sounds kind of interesting from the brief blurb linked there.

  • I will take credit for this thread being topical (thanks @Runescryer ) but it's been about 2-3 years since the last Fading Suns thread fizzled out.

    I guess it probably belongs more in the Shout in the Dark but it's just curiosity really of whether there has been any new projects envisioned or if the entire gang of players are even alive.

    Kickstarter looks interesting though. It took them a long time to get things restarted on Ulisses Spiel's side of things... I thought they acquired back in 2018.

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    @Apollonius They did, but they've been slammed with TORG, in terms of employee focus. They just finished delivery last month of the third of the 7 Cosms for the game, making 4 out of a possible 8 Kickstarters complete over 2-3 years for them. From what I understand, TORG is the 'golden child' for the owner of Ulisses; as the original WEG game was winding down production, he talked to the game's creator, Greg Gorden, about the future for TORG, and said that once he gets rich, he was going to buy the license and put the game back in production. Guy went on to become a muti-millionaire in the German telecommunications industry, bought Ulisses-Spiel, then bought the TORG license.

    So, yeah, Fading Suns is developing slowly, but I'm pretty sure the quality is going to be fantastic when it comes out. They kept the basic mechanics of TORG while eliminating almost all of the problematic mechanics and creating a fantastic, flixible character generation system that works will all the various Cosms. Don't be surprised if the new Fading Suns will feel familiar, but be a lot better playing.

  • It'll be interesting to see how the mechanics change @Runescryer , the old stuff was just difficult to work with and the angst that was generated by certain people trying to overlay CK2 on top was just a recipe for angst and dramarama.

    FS, in my opinion, worked best as a quick tabletop campaign, but the mechanics were not at all quick. I know folks kinda trashed an online TT format for a Fading Suns game that I proposed a while back, but I always felt like some of the best stories were not about backroom politics but riding on top of a space ship and shooting down enemies galloping on horses.

    I'll also be interested to see if the political system has been given a little more meat with the Kickstarter. FS has always had a tumultuous time both in print and in MU*s and I find myself kinda skeptical but cautiously optimistic.

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    Are mechanics as cumbersome with the D20 version of the rules?

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