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  • So what is Avatar Ebbing Flame? It's a discord roleplay server set in the Avatar the Last Airbender universe 20 years before the show takes place. Depending on how things go down the line I'm planning on using the stories and lore we make on the discord server to make a mush, but right now I'm just sticking to the easier to work with discord server.

    Not much else to say on it really except that this is a new experience for me. I'm not sure how it'll turn out in the long run but I'd like to at least give it a shot and see where things go.

    There's not much to the discord at the moment but in time I'll flesh things out further as we go. This'll be a nice learning experience all around! I'm idly in the background working on a MUSH side of things that'll be connected with the Discord but that's a long term work in progress that's more a fun side thing for me. If you guys want to join in feel free to at: https://discord.gg/kcRh8PX

    If you guys have any questions ask away!

  • @Mr-Johnson What's the RP culture like on Discord? What sort of writing do you see? Might sound snooty but I would imagine it isn't quite what we're used to in this hobby.

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    @Dillinger Seconded.

    Also what are the coded features? For example is there such a thing as persistent character sheets? Or is it closer to a virtual gaming table relying on externally stored sheets, manual bot-based dice rollers, etc?

  • I don't know that there's a unified culture, or anything about this particular game, but I have used Discord for tabletop/VTT style stuff. Dice bots and the like exist for various systems and can be fairly sophisticated: I used one for FFG L5R, which if you know anything about the system, requires interpreting symbols vs. just adding up numbers, and the rolls can have multiple steps where you 'pick' dice for later stages/rerolls. It automated most of it pretty smoothly. As there are various large public discord communities centered around various games and systems I imagine you can probably find similar for anything that isn't too obscure.

    AFAIK, sheets aren't common although the underlying technology would not prevent them (I know bots can communicate with an SQL database, so potentially they should be able to do pretty much anything data wise). Most games I've seen will do something simpler like a link to a google spreadsheet.

  • Well I've got a channel for archiving sheets with basic character info but other then that was mostly going to go free form on the discord side of things with a harder coded mush later down the line.
    I was honestly going to use FS3, for when I finally get the mush side of things up and running, (even though Farraday recommends against it for any sort of magic system) just because I think it works nice with bending as a martial art more then a traditional magic.

    I'm going to be adding code and whatnot as the playerbase at large decides it's needed more then anything really. I want to see what people want at large.

    A lot of the discord rp I've seen is on the shorter form side ranging from a few sentences to one or maybe two paragraphs. I've seen longer form rp in it but that's a bit more rare to see.

    As I said this is starting as a discord with hopes of being a mush down the line once I work things out with hosting which base system to use ect ect. Discord is mostly so we can get RP going and get people along for the ride.

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