Looking for G1 Transformers MU

  • Anyone know of any G1 Transformers games? Been itching for giant robot RP. I know there's Transformers Universe but they've have well established in-game continuity that I find a bit intimidating to jump into.

    Not looking for anything fancy. Transformers crash on Earth, fight for resources, humans caught in the middle.

    If such a game doesn't exist...anyone want to make one? I'll help. Don't have a ton of time but I'm sure I can fit in some for a Transformers game.

  • Pitcrew

    Or a Prime one if anyone wants to start that up, and inexplicably not app the popular characters I want. <__<

  • @ZombieGenesis How do you feel about Alchemical Exalted, from Soviet Autochthonia?

    And/or Battletech?

  • What sort of system would be preferable/required to emulate Transformers-style combat?

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    @fatefan said in Looking for G1 Transformers MU:

    What sort of system would be preferable/required to emulate Transformers-style combat?

    Since it doesn't involve magic and is basically just big-ass machines punching and shooting at each other, FS3 might be able to handle it.

  • @Derp You might be right, but isn't FS3 primarily for a "PVE" (GMed NPC opponents) rather than "PVP" combat setup? I suspect Transformers might be a theme where people would want to play both Autobots and Decepticons.

  • @Jennkryst I'm not that familiar with Exalted to be honest. Not since first edition. Battletech could be cool though.

    @fatefan My favorite games always used custom systems based on the tech specs. Beyond that, I'm honestly not sure what kind of system might work well for Transformers style combat. Not that that is simple, fast-paced, and easily implemented anyway.

  • Suddenly working from home has given me some time to multitask, so I've decided to work on this game idea. My plans are to implement a relatively simple combat system based on the (admittedly all-over-the-place) tech spec stats, an easy-access roster/app system, and, hopefully, some enjoyable storytelling involving giant transforming robots.

    If anyone is interested in helping out, let me know. Since having working code is always the biggest initial hurdle to overcome, I'll note that I've got Volund's system almost all up and running, and the combat stuff is about 75% ready.

  • I wish you luck but Rhost/Penn is not something I'm comfortable with unfortunately. Keep us updated of your progress though!

  • @ZombieGenesis In terms of using at all as a player?

  • @fatefan I'll def play there, for sure. :)

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