Atlantis client help - how do I get the left sidebar back?

  • So... ages ago, I know my Atlantis client had a sidebar on the left. It's gone. I probably clicked to collapse it, and it collapsed... and now I can't figure out how to get it back.

    I was just comparing notes with a friend about how we use this client... and that sidebar... and I said "I don't have that bar, I can't figure out how to get it back." She collapsed the bar... and now it's gone for her, too. (So I know it's a thing that exists in the client, and can be easily collapsed... and then impossible to find.)

    Help?! Does anyone know how to get that sidebar back? Because what sort of program has a bar that you can collapse and never get back?

    (I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling... it remembered my preferences, including that bar not existing.)

    I say again, help?!

  • Pitcrew

    This is a known bug currently, yeah. From Pax's pinned post on the Discord:

    If the bug in the Brockerhoff split view library that crops up under Catalina affects you and your sidebar vanishes, and you cannot make it expand back out to visibility, there's a quick (but somewhat esoteric) way to fix it via Apple's preference configuration utility.

    1. Quit Atlantis
    2. Open /Applications/Utilities/
    3. Type defaults read net.riverdark.Atlantis | grep 'RBSplitView V' - you should see one (or more) lines that are like "RBSplitView V lemuria_main" or "RBSplitView V lemuria_window:<some number>" and each will show it as being some esoteric value.
    4. Find the line from the previous step that has a negative number in it, such as "RBSplitView V lemuria_main" = "2 -17.5248 922"
    5. Change the negative number to a positive one, preferably larger than 140. For instance, defaults write net.riverdark.Atlantis "RBSplitView V lemuria_main" -string "2 200 922"
    6. Type defaults read net.riverdark.Atlantis | grep 'RBSplitView V' again to make sure the change took.
    7. Restart Atlantis. Your sidebar should have returned!


  • I believe the option you want is under Preferences->Windowing->Display worlds and spawns like Apple Mail or iTunes. The "old traffic light style" also has a sidebar.

    ETA - Oh, I guess it's also a bug, per Roz's post. But that menu item also shows and hides the sidebar.

  • @Roz - Thank you!

    I messed something up with the App files and need to get it scrubbed and reinstalled properly... will have to come back to this tomorrow. Appreciate the assistance!

    ETA: And it worked! Thank you again!

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