VTM: Bloodlines -- To Mod, Or Not To Mod?

  • Pitcrew

    So yeah, I admit it: I started puttering around with Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines again, in part to deal with waiting for Bloodlines 2 to come out later this year. I've played through several times with just the official patch, but haven't really tried modding it aside from light tinkering (but never actually playing, to my recollection) of the Unofficial Patch.

    I did an uninstall of the game because I had a (much) older version of the Unofficial Patch, and was considering tinkering with it. But I also confess, I'm sorta pondering some other mods: namely, stuff like Clan Quest, Antitribu (because there is a part of me that seriously wants to play a Lasombra) and the like.

    So, I was wondering: has anyone here played any of the mods for VTM Bloodlines? And if so, what mod and what was your experience with it?

  • There are three mods I would recommend you look at. All of them are simple to install, you just run the provided installer. Each of them does slightly different things. The most complete mod out of all is Camarilla Edition, but Clan Quest is fun too. Final Nights is a fun mod, but it can still have some bugs, so approach it with caution. Also, you should know that while Camarilla Edition and Clan Quest just modify the original game with new options to make it better, Final Nights is meant to be an entirely new experience unlike the original game.




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