Desc Requests

  • Some of us hate writing descs (hi, me!) but I know some people love to write them.

    So I figured... maybe there can be a thread where the former group can openly request help from the latter.

    I'll start: I need someone willing to do... 4? descs, maybe? On NOLA, I'd like to have actual rooms for the St. Louis Cathedral. An interior is a MUST, but an exterior would be p. cool as well. I'd also like one (or more) of the Old Ursuline Convent, since it's due to be the Lance hangout.

    If this is something that strikes your fancy, let me know? I've been unable to get the right words to do these descs for weeks now.

  • Pitcrew

    This is the desc of it from It'll at least give you something to start with for a desc to translate it into for your purposes:

    Every quarter-hour, the thin peal of bells at St. Louis Cathedral calls saints and sinners, mostly the latter. They clang out a slightly off-key sound, as if they well know the offbeat rhythms of the neighborhood below them. The pulse of a circus atmosphere around the church pounds from hour to hour, as if to compete with the timbre of the sounds from the tower. The church stands sentinel, nether judging nor joining.

    Inside, the aroma of ancient brick masonry greets the visitor. One thinks at once of an old French monastery, although stone is nowhere. The darkened entry gives way to a bright interior with painted surfaces everywhere. The eye is drawn to the great high Rococo altar, where gilded and fluted columns of the Corinthian order support a busy entablature. Two rows of wooden columns divide the church into nave and side aisles, with a mute upper gallery where, one imagines, crowds overflowed before Vatican II put an end to crowded churches.

    Along the walls, St. Louis lives through stages in multicolored shards of artist’s glass and lead. Here he receives a blessing from St Blanche, his mother; there he marries. He builds a chapel, receives the crown of France, and departs for his first crusade across a wooden plank. Further on he visits a leper with lesions of hollow glass, and in the great lunette over the high altar Louis announces the Seventh Crusade. Overhead, St. Peter receives his shepherd’s staff from the Savior, surrounded by apostles, as the Father oversees the mission.

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