Favorite Youtubers?

  • You know what my kid said to me today when I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up?

    A youtuber.

    Times are a changing. And I have to admit even I "follow" certain people.

    The King of DIY Joey had the ugliest and yet prettiest and most personable fish I've ever seen. Named Frank. I cried like a fucking BABY when Frank died. I still watch his channel, and I still want to keep fish one day.

    Lofty Pursuits Greg makes hard candy the old fashioned way. There's something about how it's made and his voice that's ultra satisfying/soothing.

    Unexplained Mysteries I love my top 10 weird/unexplained shit and I place the blame fully upon Robert Stack's shoulders. Anyway, stuff I fall asleep to.

    Best Ever Food Review Show If you like seeing a gigantic awkward sweaty white guy experience cultures through their food, Sonny's show is for you. I'm usually not a fan of food review shows (they're monotonous), but him and Andrew Zimmern I like.

    There's only a handfull of my subscriptions... so why don't you show me some of yours?

  • Pitcrew

    Unraveled on Polygon - Hilarious video game ridiculousness

    Binging With Babish - Cooking! Cooking things from TV and movies! A smooth, appealing voice!

    Lindsay Ellis - Insightful, funny, and thoughtful reviews of movies and other pop culture things.

    Jenny Nicholson - Insightful, funny, and thoughtful reviews of movies and other pop culture things. Bit less academic than Lindsay Ellis, bit funnier (if you like her style).

    Pop Culture Detective - Insightful and thoughtful reviews of movies and other pop -- oh I have a type, don't I--

  • Pitcrew

    Bob and Brad - daily uploads, physical therapy questions, tests, exercises, just search your problem or even the body part. This channel helped me identify the issue with my shoulders/arms and showed me stretches to fix it. It's helped other people I know, too - and that jingle. Super nerds.

    Girlfriend Reviews funny game reviews from the perspective of the girlfriend of the person playing them. This is my rec for the "funny gamez content" category - runners up being Thorhighheels and Nakeyjakey.

    exurb1a - hey, are you ok? No matter the answer, this channel's philosophical videos are very good.

    kurzgezagt - do you like to be knowed sciencey things through animation?

    Jenna Marbles - it's Jenna fucking Marbles, professional gamer and wholesome mom of youtube. (she's a 33 year old lady)

    Contrapoints - trans issues, alt right extremism, social commentary - her brand of humor and philosophy and socratic dialogue is smart and generally full of compassion.

    (also omg yes Unraveled. BDG is a treasure)

  • @nyctophiliac said in Favorite Youtubers?:

    Lofty Pursuits Greg makes hard candy the old fashioned way. There's something about how it's made and his voice that's ultra satisfying/soothing.

    def on my must list.

    Others I watch errtime-

    Bon Appetit - it began with Claire and now I just watch ALL OF IT. They're my BFFs and they don't even know it.
    French Guy Cooking - DIY + Cooking + Charming French guy. It's a win.
    Binging With Babish - You should know about him. If you don't, watch.
    You Suck at Cooking - most hilarious food videos you will ever watch

    Extra Credits - games, books, history. I don't watch EVERY series, but man their episodes on Dune are MUST SEE.
    Lockpicking Lawyer - He picks locks. And he's humorous about it.
    BosnianBill - Also a lockpick, has a great bromance with LPL
    SciShow - Bite sized science, often about shit you wanted to know but never asked.
    Isaac Arthur - His lisp is a bit awkward (and he makes jokes about it sometimes himself), but if you wanna go HARD into scifi and astrophysics? He's your guy.
    Alec Steele - THE MOST UPBEAT BRIT EVER. Watching his journey in blacksmithing has been great.
    zefrank - you know zefrank. You might not know you know zefrank, but you know zefrank.

    MannShorts - their themed D&D episodes are fucking hilarious. Watch the 'Florida Edition' series RIGHT NOW.
    Puffin Forest - this guy would be the best DM ever

    Dope or Nope - it's stupid but it's like brain candy
    Mr. Puzzle - German puzzle solver. If you can handle half an hour looking at someone's hands, check it out.
    Chris Ramsay - I watch for the puzzles, but stay for the magic nerd
    Colin Furze - this guy would make a great WoD character. Another SUPER UPBEAT BRIT who makes insane inventions.

    Defies All Convention
    How to Basic - eggs
    kiwami - cucumbers

  • Pitcrew

    So I'm not going to repeat what @Auspice says on Bon Appetite and Binging with Babish. They're excellent and they're in my feed. ETA, oh and I also love Lockpicking Lawyer and Alec Steele.

    So I'll list some that I enjoy.

    How to Drink - humorous take on drinks and drink recipes. Once and a while he'll do a historic take, which I enjoy
    Educated Barfly - for the same reason as above but more informational
    Bon Appetite
    Binging with Babish

    YongYea - I truly believe when it comes to any impartial gaming news and reviews, YongYea is the gold standard for anything going on in the gaming industry. It's my personal CNN of gaming news.
    Jim Sterling - I view him as the Andy Roony of the games industry. His editorials on the excessive greed and over indulgence in the games industry is fascinating. From the take-downs of microtransactions and live services, to pretty scathing exposes on major game companies, I enjoy his content.
    ICARUSLIV3S - A gaming channel solely devoted to Doom mods. As in the Doom from 1992. Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake, Wolfenstein, Hexen, and stuff in between. He's one of the very few youtubers who does reviews of Doom .wads.
    ReviewTech USA - Basically, an gaming news site for old gamers like myself (35+ range. Sometimes Rich will actually review something. Other times it's about nipples and cucumbers)

    Donut Media - Pretty much a channel about car history, car modding, and high performance. I watch mostly for wish fulfillment. And it's funny.
    Dr Sandra Lee - Doctor Pimple Popper. Because I find that shit way too satisfying to watch.
    Toe Bro - See above, but in relation to toes and feet medical issues that I also find super fascinating to watch.
    Steve1989MREInfo - Watch a brave man eat old MRE from as old as the Civil fucking War. Also super interesting and insightful. Nice.

  • Pitcrew

    In no order but alphabetical. Omitting channels already mentioned as of time of writing just to stoke the mystery of which ones I watch. I also left out the twenty or so ASMR channels I watch.

    Bowlingotter: A pair of married Let's Players with terrific chemistry (I mean, you'd hope so, right?) and a dorky earnestness you don't get from other channels who're trying so hard to be above it all. I knew I was on board forever when Lissy Sandwich broke into open tears at the end of To The Moon.

    CinemaWins: Because too much of the internet thinks film criticism is about finding flaws to establish your mental superiority over the people making movies. Here is a channel about celebrating what makes movies a good time, and while some of it is a stretch, this guy knows the language of film.

    Hbomberguy: A feminist and leftist (or possibly liberal, I forget which) who invites you to laugh at stupid people being stupid by citing evidence and reason to explain why they're stupid. Maybe that sounds mean, but he picks truly worthy targets like MRAs, Flat Earthers, and Nazis, so I think it's morally justified.

    Jim Sterling: Video game punditry, staunch anti-capitalism, pro-LGBTQ support, and the kind of bizarre humor you can only get from the English. Can't recommend highly enough.

    Philosophy Tube: One of the bravest, smartest people on the internet, explaining the mechanics behind the arguments and actions people taking in a relentlessly self-critical way while channeling seemingly endless creativity into the characters and scenarios of his sketches. Olly's improved a lot in last few years after escaping an abusive relationship he's pretty open about discussing, which... the man is a hero to me.

    Thought Slime: After so long on the internet listening to edgelords babble about anarchy as a vessel for their thoughtless self-adulation, I had no idea anarchy is a philosophy with a coherent ethos and a serious, achievable set of goals. This channel is run by a man doing his best to try to convince people to care that they exist in a system designed to treat us all as prey and to set us against one another to sacrifice our peers to the greed of those who oppress us all rather than resist as a unified mass. He makes it sound funnier than I do, though.

    Tofupupper: In the words of Tofu-Chan himself, "The other night I had a dream where you subscribed to my channel and then I licked your face. Please make it come true." Absurd, abstract comedy built around a handsome goodboi who is apparently also a motivational speaker because why wouldn't he be? Look at his face and tell me you don't feel motivated. Do it. I dare you.

  • @Testament I've recently (as of October I guess) begun watching How to Drink. I'm still not fully invested tho.

  • Pitcrew

    Okay, neither of these count as YouTubers but I love these videos and they're on YouTube so it sorta counts?

    WIRED Expert Breakdowns -- my favorites in this series is when the dialect coach breaks down movie accents.

    The Try Guys -- always a delight and educational too!

  • Pitcrew

    @Auspice For the record, I too have a massive crush on Claire from BA. I'm pretty sure it's the salt and pepper hair.

  • @Testament said in Favorite Youtubers?:

    @Auspice For the record, I too have a massive crush on Claire from BA. I'm pretty sure it's the salt and pepper hair.

    I admit I had a huge flare of sadness when she got engaged recently.


  • Pitcrew

    I don't use YT as much as I used to, but there are nevertheless a few channels that I like.

    Mobile Tech Review: Lisa Gade reviews new tech-- phones, laptops and other things.

    TechMoan: Yet another good tech channel.

    Good Mythical Morning: Yeah it jumped the shark years ago but I still enjoy it.

    DG Podiatrist: Like the Toe Bro only not annoying, female, and with a sweet British accent.

  • Most of my faves are already listed, but I'll just give them another boost.

    BreadTube: (Left wing politics & philosophy)
    ContraPoints: Sassy trans philosopher standing up to alt-right myths, icons and movements, from TERFs to InCels to Jordan Peterson, and does so with arthouse movie-level avant-garde production. She actually transitioned on YouTube and talks about her experience doing so. I consider her "decrypting the alt-right" video to be a must watch in this day in age for anyone who feels the slightest bit of concern about the resurgence of fascism.
    Philosophy Tube: Breaks down complex philosophical concepts and myths surrounding maligned political movements such as Anarchism & Antifa; also talks about mental health in a way that's very relatable and cathartic.
    T1J: Tends to explain things in a way that ought to be more digestible for any cishet/centrist dudes in your life, to the point where he's sometimes mistaken for a moderate. (Though he's not.) I think his videos have the potential to be a beneficial self-help/self-improvement resource for such men. He also talks about race issues from the perspective of a black man in America.
    Innuendo Studios: Creator of The Alt-Right Playbook and Why Are You So Angry? Essential and well-researched viewing for those wishing to understand the psychology of the alt-right and how to fight fire with fire, by identifying and deconstructing their political tactics. Why Are You So Angry deals with the pushback and backlash against progressive & intersectional movements, for example the kneejerk reaction too many people feel to the mere mention of the word "feminist".
    Pop Culture Detective: Explores the proliferation of issues such as rape culture and toxic masculinity through the lens of pop culture normalisation and dissemination. For example, ever noticed how rape is played for laughs when men are the victims? Or how being a self-sabotaging stoic badass by bottling up all of your feelings except anger is portrayed as a good thing? This guy has.

    Female Comedy: (Channels for women, by women, about the hilarity of being a woman.)
    Junt Land: Satirises dating culture and how men view women they're trying to F; also talks about about celebrating emotional intelligence and combating mental health stigma. Take her fuckboy self-defence class.
    tadelesmith: Satirises dating culture, everyday sexism and male gaze/entitlement through hilarious make-up tutorials, women's magazine parodies and various tongue-in-cheek how-to-be-the-kind-of-woman-men-want stuff.
    Anna Akana: Mental health, self-help, self-improvement, confidence-boosting, and commentary on dating culture. She's been through a lot of shit and came out swinging; she talks from the heart but with sass in spades. I admire her.

    Other Comedy: (Not necessarily political, just good funnies)
    Internet Comment Etiquette: A troll takes you on his personal adventure to shitpost his way through the entire internet. Witty, laugh-out-loud funny.
    Brian Jordan Alvarez: Gay comedy about the gay agenda. A+
    Tom Ska: British sketch comedy.
    Jack & Dean: Also British sketch comedy.
    Casually Explained: Comedy about being socially awkward.
    Tales of Mere Existence: Even darker comedy about being socially awkward.

    Ze Frank: Torn between whether to put him here or in the comedy section above. His true-facts about animals is hilarious and mind-blowing stuff. I recommend starting with the duck.
    Kati Morton: Mental health & self-help from a YouTube therapist. She has helped me every bit as much as my actual therapist has. I know someone who was able to realise she was trapped in an abusive marriage thanks to watching one of her videos. (And subsequently got a divorce.) Heavy stuff.
    Our Changing Climate: Understanding climate change, what you can do about it, and how useful the things you're already doing really are — by the numbers.
    PBS Idea Channel: Philosophy for idiots and nerds.
    Jubilee: A channel about humans and their human perspectives. Not always easy to watch; they deal with some heavy stuff. But almost always worth it.
    The Financial Diet: Money politics and how to manage your wallet. Pretty important.

    Food & Veganism: (Channels that either teach you how to cook vegan or why you should)
    Mic the Vegan: Empirical look at the science behind climate change, nutrition and more, plus some sassy philosophy.
    NutritionFacts: YouTube supplement to Dr Michael Greger's bestselling book, How Not to Die. A detailed empirical look at the science of avoiding chronic diseases through a whole-food plant-based diet. It's more nerdy than philosophical, uses studies to answer questions you may never have thought to ask like, 'should I add flax to my smoothies?' (Answer: yes.) It's not focused on ethics/environmentalism etc.
    Pick Up Limes: Registered dietician with beautiful production quality teaches you how to meal-prep healthy, wholesome and yummy vegan meals, with a side of mental health & wellness. She has a really soothing voice and a stunning smile; I find her videos calming and motivating.
    Avant Garde Vegan: Less health-focused, star chef Gaz Oakley just teaches you how to make delicious veganised versions of your favourite non-vegan meals. He's also pretty jacked and has a few videos on high-protein meal-prep.

  • Pitcrew

    Damn it, @Testament! You stole some of mine!

    How to Drink: Channel about making cocktails. I find it very funny, especially since he drinks the cocktails and makes a bunch of videos in the same day, so you can see him getting progressively drunker. He reminds me of me in real life, so that helps too.
    The Educated Barfly: He is not as funny or as charismatic as Greg with How to Drink (though, they did do an episode together that was great), but he is an actual bartender and knows his stuff.
    Whiskey Vault: Hilarious duo in Austin, Texas that review whiskey from around world.
    Whiskey Tribe: Same duo as above, but it's their goofy side channel where they do experiments with whiskey or mess with stuff in the distillery they own.

    Binging with Babish: Probably one of the most well known Youtube cooks. I have stolen a bunch of recipes from him over the years.
    You Suck at Cooking: A lesser known but much funnier Youtube cook. I haven't stolen as many recipes.

    Gigguk: British guy living in Japan who reviews anime seasons, sometimes individual animes, and discusses trends in anime.

    Board Games
    Shut Up & Sit Down: A British duo who do hilarious board game reviews. Generally I find that their tastes in games (especially Quinn's) tend to match mine, so, if he likes a game, I will very likely also enjoy playing it.
    Watch It Played: A very friendly channel that explains the rules of board games,
    Rahdo Runs Through: A gamer who plays through his huge collection of board games, playing against his wife. (Only rarely is she actually there to play. Usually he plays the opponent but calls the opponent his wife.) It's a good way to see how a game works; though, he almost always messes something up in the rules.

    Video Game "Journalism"
    Mandalore Gaming: Probably my favorite Youtuber, but he only puts up a new video like once a month. Funny and in-depth reviews of little known games from around the world. Ignore the channel intro video and just pick a video from his collection to see if you like it. I love his voice and his sense of humor.
    Jim Sterling: Hilariously colorful British game pundit. Watch him once and you'll know whether you will like his channel or not.
    Zero Punctuation at the Escapist Magazine's Channel: I only watch Zero Punctuation on this channel, but they have a lot of other stuff. Yet another hilarious British game pundit; however, this one was living in Australia and moved to the US in the past couple of years. He is much more cutting with his criticism.
    Egoraptor's Sequelitis Series: A very interesting and funny discussion of game design, especially as it pertains to game sequels and how they can improve on or fail to live up to an original. I also like the animation.

    Let's Play
    Colonel Failure: Middle-aged British gent who primarily plays train games like Train Simulator or, my favorite, Transport Fever. His commentary on what he is doing as he plays, especially as he (frequently) screws things up, is what makes it for me.
    Quill18: Canadian programmer who does a lot of Let's Plays of mostly strategy games. I get a very positive vibe from him, and his videos always help cheer me up. He isn't the best strategy gamer, but he is one of the most enjoyable to watch. He is mostly on Twitch now. Petra.
    Flik's Gaming Stuff: A Scottish gamer who plays mostly action-oriented games, especially a few lesser known ones. When Overwatch came out, he was my go-to LPer. Occasionally he can have a bad attitude that drives me off. He's also mostly on Twitch now. I really liked his Overwatch with Friends, Enter the Gungeon, and Secret Neighbor with Friends series.
    Black Pants Legion: Mandalore Gaming got me hooked on this one. I watch him for the Space Station 13 videos. I get a Something Awful vibe from his sense of humor. I'm actually watching him right now as I type this post.
    Day 9 TV: Magic the Gathering only focused channel. He is funny, very welcoming, and is good without being a try hard.

    Numerous others that I don't have time to list or have temporarily forgotten. I don't watch TV anymore. I watch Youtube.

  • Pitcrew

    3Blue1Brown: Math, explained really well.

    PBS Spacetime: Astronomy and quantum physics, done really well.

    Primitive Technology: Some weirdo building things by hand in nature, done really well.

    Adam Neely: A guy explaining music, especially jazz, done really well.

    Scott Manley: A guy explaining orbital mechanics and how the fuck to get those fucking stupid little fuckers onto the Mun holy shit what is wrong with you various difficult aspects of Kerbal Space Program, done really well.

    crafsman: The strange offspring of ASMR and DIY tutorials. An unfairly soothing voice.

    Seconding Babish, Contrapoints, kurzgesagt.

  • Pitcrew

    Boss Keys: Forgot this one, as he updates very sporadically. Mark Brown explores dungeon design throughout the Legend of Zelda series and is now going through all the Metroid games.

  • Pitcrew

    Cough Geek House Cough

  • Monster Factory: Griffin and Justin McElroy (the two who worked in games media before MBMBAM meant they no longer needed day jobs) push character creation in video games in unintended directions to horrifying consequences. Just like Bart!

    DGR: Nice guy plays Super Mario Maker 2. The highlight is that he doesn't curse, so whenever things go bad he screams stuff like "FRENCH TOAST!" or "SON OF A NUTCRACKER!"

    Seconding Unraveled.

  • Tutorialist

    @TheOnceler said in Favorite Youtubers?:

    Griffin and Justin McElroy

    Whole damn family is involved in media. I listen to their sister show "Court Appointed."

  • Lost In Vegas two black guys who aren't metalheads (primarily rap/r&b) listening to metal songs for the first time and critiquing. They also share their own favorite music with metalheads.

    If I wrote a thesis about my theory that heavy metal and rap are both sides of the same coin (only with 2 different audiences), this would be part of my chief argument.

  • @Ghost said in Favorite Youtubers?:

    Lost In Vegas two black guys who aren't metalheads (primarily rap/r&b) listening to metal songs for the first time and critiquing. They also share their own favorite music with metalheads.

    If I wrote a thesis about my theory that heavy metal and rap are both sides of the same coin (only with 2 different audiences), this would be part of my chief argument.

    In a similar vein is this guy. He's only ever known hiphop and has been expanding his music knowledge.

    All his videos are p good, but holy shit his reaction to Bohemian Rhapsody is PURE WHOLESOME.

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