Marvelstorm: A Secret Wars Not-a-MU*

  • so once upon forever ago @Phase-Face and I decided that we were gonna make a MU*

    it was going to be a Marvel game set on the west coast - in SF - that split from continuity w mutants regaining their abilities, most dead ones coming back to life, & Utopia becoming a nascent world power (which yes is super Krakoa but we did this like two years ago, it’s just a super obv break point & way to go tho if I were doing it now I’d def steal some Krakoa stuff)

    also it had like 80% of Wildstorm merged with it and the backstory & planned metaplot was that Secret Wars was ongoing, Wildstorm & Marvel were hammered together in a previous incursion, & eventually we’d do a whole Illuminati & prob Cabal thing, allow other media chars as incursion survivors as we went, then eventually Battleworld and after it open up to more media chars w appropriate adaptations (& then prob move to ripping off other Hickman & Ellis plots as globals)

    obv none of that never happened

    but i have like 30 pages of theme files for it & I think they’re p good for MU theme files so I’m posting them, which tbh - I prob have already done at some point but I drink a lot, so it’s the first time for me

    in the unlikely event anyone is so irrationally horny for them I am willing to finish & organize everything if someone can handle, like, hosting and coding and basically everything other than writing, approvals, descing & one-strike banning creeps

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