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  • Do you have a daily routine? Do you mind sharing? How'd you craft it?

    And I'm not talking 'this is my normal daily routine that I fell into;' I mean in the sense of having a specific routine with an eye towards self-improvement.

    Like wake up at X time, spend X minutes on this task, spend X minutes on another task...

    Like scheduled time for writing or exercise or cleaning... Getting yourself into a routine that speaks to mindfulness (rather than the all-too-easy spending all day playing video games or RPing and not going to bed at a decent time).

    An author I really respect has spoken of the wonders this has done for him and his writing. And many other successful authors have/had similar (https://jamesclear.com/daily-routines-writers). I want to find my way into this, but I'm struggling to begin.

    So, do you have a routine for your life and/or career? If so, how did you craft it? How did you dedicate yourself to it?

  • The moment I wake up breaks out into song Err no...

    • 350am - Wake up. Get oldest boy up.
    • 355am - Make him a shake.
    • 400 to 405am - Kick him out the door for his mandatory 5 mile jog.
    • 500 to 530am - Kick Oldest into shower cause he stinks. He usually goes back to bed until his brothers get up.
    • 405am till 600am - Game, Drink Coffee, Read News, Pay Bills, whatever needs to be done.
    • 600am - Wake up Twins. Get them heading toward the showers.
    • 610am - Start Brekkie for Twins and Myself.
    • 630am - Check over Twins Homework. Verify anything that needs to be signed is signed.
    • 645am - Pack Lunches for kids. (Usually just twins, but occasionally the oldest wants food)
    • 700am - Walk dog with twins to bus stop. (Throughly go out of my way to embarrass them as much as possible doing this. I had curlers in my hair this morning.)
    • 730am - Kick oldest out to his bus stop. Tell him to not be a terrorist at school and only sell drugs if he plans on bringing me the money. (I'm such a good Influence)
    • 735 to 800am - Clean up the kitchen, feed the dogs, pack my lunch, pack hubby's lunch.
    • 800am - Hop in the shower and get dressed.
    • 845 - Leave for work.
    • 900am-ish - Show up for work.
    • 900am-ish til 600pm - Work (Pure hell)
    • 600 to 630pm - Head home, pick up any straggler kids/hubby from places and finally get home.
    • 700pm - Usually start dinner, or pick it up.
    • 800pm - Threaten children about homework and the varying degrees of insanity I will go through to make sure they are educated.
    • 800 till around 1am or so - Whatever the fuck I want...
    • Rinse and Repeat!

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    • Wake up at 5:00
    • Have a protein shake, let the dogs out
    • Drive to the gym, work out until 7:30
    • Shower
    • Work 8:00 - 11:30
    • Eat lunch
    • Work 12:30 - 16:00
    • Drive home
    • Watch TV/play games/read books until 21:00
    • Sleep


    • Wake up when Rusty, the asshole moluccan cockatoo, decides I should be up.
    • Have a protein shake, let the dogs out
    • Drive to the gym, work out until whatever.
    • Get home, have lunch, play games/watch TV/read books until I'm sleepy.

    On Tuesday nights I also have basketball between 17:00 and 19:00, then on Thursdays a soccer game between 17:00 and 18:00.

    I don't like a lot of variety in my life. I do well with a routine and dislike it being upset for too long.

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    @Arkandel said in Daily Routines:


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  • I miss playing soccer. Loved it when I was in HS before I destroyed and had to have surgery on my knee.

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    @Auspice I suck at it, but it's a social thing with coworkers, which I do like doing.

  • @Arkandel said in Daily Routines:

    @Auspice I suck at it, but it's a social thing with coworkers, which I do like doing.

    I was pretty good when I played! Usually at mid but my best was sweep. We just usually didn't utilize sweep which was sad.

    I'd be terrible now I'm sure. I've got a bad hip and I'm hella out of shape.

  • Weekend routine:

    Wake up. Cold coffee from the fridge. This brand.

    Head to my local Waterstones (book shop), which has a cafe upstairs. Curl up in my favourite sofa-seat in the corner with a vegan cake + flat white. Read 100 pages of my current book, then write 1-3 A4 pages in my paper notebook, with my fountain pen in black ink. I make it a point to write with pen & paper every day — the topic doesn't matter — because I find it very beneficial to my mental health. This writing is generally just for my personal benefit, not to be viewed/consumed by anyone else.

    Leave the cafe and stop for lunch somewhere. By the time I arrive home I ensure I've walked at least 10,000 steps.

    Hop online, do some work with regular leisure breaks on YouTube/Netflix/socials as needed.

    Evening is when my brain operates at maximum capacity, so once this morning/afternoon routine is done I have the time/energy for anything else that needs taking care of.

    My weekdays are irregular but generally speaking my writing/reading/walking time just gets pushed to further in the day and my evening activities are instead in the morning. As a night owl I operate much less efficiently this way, but c'est la vie, capitalism.

  • alt text

  • Pitcrew

    Thursday through Monday
    1340 - Wake up and hop in shower, shave, brush teeth, etc.
    1420 - Drive to work.
    1440 - Arrive at work and clock-in.
    1500 - Roll Call
    1505 - Take charge of assigned post and relieve officer on duty.
    2240 - Be forced onto mandatory overtime.
    0730 - Drive home.
    0750 - Go to bed.

    Tuesday through Wednesday

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