Animal Upon Animal

  • Pitcrew

    No, this isn't a post about furries; it's about Animal Upon Animal, the animal stacking game by Haba.

    I bought this for my mini for Christmas this year, in keeping with our theme of fewer shitty plastic toys and more quality stuff to do, alone or as a family. She's pretty good at stacking the animals, but not so good at focusing on what we're supposed to be doing instead of romping around on the table with her provision animals and knocking everything over. She has a blast the whole time.

    This became a hit with the whole family, and the grownups sit here stacking animals like it's the most serious and important work currently being done on the planet long after the kids go to bed.

    It's a stunningly simple premise -- get animals, stack animals. The rule set in the book comes pretty slim and requires some interpretation to flesh out; my kid wanted to turn the animals out of profile and stack them on the crocodile that way, and while nothing in the rules explicitly forbids this, we had to decide it was against the spirit of play. There are some supplemental rules included in the book for 'advanced stackers'.

    This game is fun for the whole family and comes with my highest recommendation. We ordered a second set and we can't wait for it to arrive so we can play the Frankenstein's monster we've already planned out with both base crocodiles, both dice, and all 56 well-made wooden animals.

    I'm already pushing to order and incorporate the Crest Climbers edition for even more crazy stacking fun.

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