Happy Holidays erryone <3

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    We're heading into hell week. Brace for impact, be particularly kind to the people in meat space. I hope everybody has a good holiday season and stuff. <3

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    You too!

    I have my mother in law staying. This is a woman who had to move villages because she alienated all of the people. For context, this is the village where, in Northern Ireland, the Orange march starts in the Catholic carpark. This is the woman who told my sister in law that she wasn't feeling like going out, when SIL asked her to bring a sandwich because she slept through the food round during her chemo...

    I have done presents, stockings, food shops.


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    Just want to make a note that not everyone will have the holidays to spend with. For a couple years that was me, so just want to point out to those that're going through that. I hear you, I know what that's like.

    And for the rest of that are going to deal with family that we may or may not always get along with....


  • I'm in the camp of 'ain't got shit to do' for Christmas. I've decided to work Christmas Eve (so much I gotta do ;.;), but I'll be home all day Christmas Day. Probably packing, but up for distractions.

    If we play on the same game(s) and you would like some RP on the 25th, feel free to gimme a nudge.

  • @Testament I don't know what the message was, but can't go wrong with Red Green, upvote on principle.

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    The message is more or less, the holidays can suck, but I feel like there's people here that pretty supportive.

  • @Testament Sorry, I was kidding about not knowing the message just to say I like the Red Green show.

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    happy holidays frum me 2 u

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    I'm done. I'm done.

    I'm not doing anymore shopping. You can't make me, I've dealt with enough sore feet and ankles this week from standing in line.

    I'm spending the rest of the holidays drunk.

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    @Wizz said in Happy Holidays erryone <3:

    alt text

    Is that a fake cat, or a taxidermied one?

  • @GreenFlashlight ...I think it's one of those fake rabbit fur ones.


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    @Auspice said in Happy Holidays erryone <3:

    I'm in the camp of 'ain't got shit to do' for Christmas. I've decided to work Christmas Eve (so much I gotta do ;.;), but I'll be home all day Christmas Day. Probably packing, but up for distractions.

    If we play on the same game(s) and you would like some RP on the 25th, feel free to gimme a nudge.

    Same here.

    Our side had Thanksgiving this year so the rest of my family is going to their in-laws for Christmas. I could have gone with but to be honest, a quiet day off sounds pretty damned good to me considering I've been working 60+ hour weeks for the past month! Hopefully I'll get to spend at least a part of the day with the SO. If not then I guess I'll be spending the entire day working on my AresMUSH project.

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    And very happy holidays to all.

    I found out this evening that I'm basically fired as of Monday. BUT that's a good thing. I'll be honest, I almost cried tears of relief. My stress level has been through the roof since the summer and only having been crushingly poor before kept me at that job.

    I have a reasonable amount in the bank for rent and utilities and the larder and basement freezer are full. I'm very comfortable for an extended job search, if that's what it takes. Hell, I might just decide to skip winter this year.

    I know my boss didn't mean to give me an amazing gift, but he did.


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    @Wizz Is that you, Aunt Carol?

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    Less than 48 hours until my parents arrive, which means my appetite is shot and I am on emotional high alert until they are gone. (Thankfully only a week this time and they are not staying at my house, so I will be able to sleep). Compounding things this year is an enthusiastic biological family who are so very kind and inclusive (and thankfully patient) but whose love I really can't accept. Which I feel outrageously guilty about, and am trying the best I can.

    I hate this time of year. I seem to have done an okay job of not passing this stuff on to my own kids, so I think I'm just going to try to focus on their relaxation and happiness and attempt to box up the worst of my anxiety about my mom having another break while they are here. She's only had one ragefit at me this month, which is the best yet, so I'm keeping finger (and toes and eyes) crossed.

  • I'm another member of the chorus composed of people 'the holidays make me incredibly depressed'. (Our carols suuuuuuuuuck.)

    This is coming in the midst of both seasonal depression, a longer-running major depression, and two major health issues. Not great timing.

    I remember the holidays when I was a kid. This isn't a 'when I was young the world was different' complaint; many people still have the holiday season I had as a child in their lives today and that is something that makes me, if not happy, more at peace with the world than I might be otherwise.

    It isn't that the world has changed, it's that the people around me have. Many are simply gone, which is how things work in that whole 'living means eventually dying' thing at some point or another. Others have simply changed; they've stopped caring, or have shifted focus away (or in one case further away) to other things at this time of year.

    So, uh. I spend today, Christmas Eve, not deliberately alone, since I don't avoid the people around me, but I do take some time to myself to just talk to the people who aren't here any more.• I miss them. I haven't forgotten them and never will, and I will never not miss them, particularly at this time of year. I tell them about the things that happened over the year, about things I know they'd love, things that would have driven them bonkers.

    And it helps me make it through. It doesn't matter if it's all ultimately stupid, because it helps.

    So, uhm. Peace be with you and all the rest for the remainder of the day, MSB. I hope your holidays are good, whatever they are, and if you don't celebrate any of them and somehow feel left out, I say fuck it, make one up and have yourself a blast. If you're missing someone, maybe try this, and see if it helps. I hope it does, if you do.

    This isn't normally the sort of thing I'd share here, especially lately, but it looks like a lot of us are missing someone, or maybe a great many someones, right now. It felt like the right time.

    Be well, be merry if you can, but try not to let yourself think there's something wrong with you or be hard on yourself if you aren't able to manage merry, OK?

    • Or the ceiling, depending on your view of what happens after people pass. Even if that is the case, which I don't dismiss as a possibility, I believe that so long as someone is remembered, they are there with us. These people shaped our lives in some way, and in that, too, they are with us, and they always will be.

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    Happy Holidays to everyone from me!


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    I am happy because for the first time in 42 years, I have been able to make it all the way to Christmas without hearing 'Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer' even once.

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