Otrere's Playlist

  • Notable characters, from days gone by:
    Castle D'Image - Jade, Sarina
    Firan - Hadiya (2002-2006)
    SerenityMush - Yvandra
    Star Wars 1 - Inanna
    The Reach - April

    And by far my most notable is the one I'm still playing:
    SerenityMush - Donna

  • @Otrere said in Otrere's Playlist:

    Star Wars 1 - Inanna

    Ben says: Now that's a name that I've not heard in a long time .. well of course I know him. He's me. (or something like that)

    Or something, the name rings a bell, I mostly played Rixt the Ithorian at that time, but we may have interacted with me in judge roll (independent sphere random rp fun stuff) or alt?

    Maybe we didn't and I just paid attention to who list, but good to see familiar names from the past, welc.eom.

  • Thanks @Lotherio. The name Rixt rings a faint bell here too - we must have interacted at some point.

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