Giving Thanks

  • Yeah, yeah, ZOMG US-centric, whatever -- nope, not the point. This is a spot for things we're grateful for, in the hobby and otherwise. (Timing is just a convenient excuse and inspiration.)

    Hobby stuff:

    • That after so long, this hobby still even exists, period. Much as we may grouse about dwindling crowds and so on, we're still here and there really are quite a few of us actively involved as players and creators. That's awesome.
    • More original games coming along each year.
    • A game I really love with amazingly creative people that aren't rushing along at breakneck speeds I could never dream of keeping up with.


    • Still breathin'. (Suck it, doomsday prophecy!)
    • My two amazing and ridiculous cats, Tesla and Tama.
    • Hearing good news from various folks about things going well in their lives lately.
    • Getting to see one of my cousins later at dinner.
    • Progress on cleaning the house!

    ...add your favorites, have at.

  • Pitcrew

    • That I switched to a local healthcare center because of reasons, and it's so nice to go to the one I went to as a kid and even more amazing, that this little hole of a place with less than 3000 inhabitants stand up against racism and other bullshit - the doctor is a foreigner and another doctor was starting his job there TODAY whose name is Mohammad (I don't know where he comes from) - he lives an hour away but drives here to work because this is the BEST healthcare center and the best little town that fight for each other and managed to show politicians that no, we don't accept you closing down our local healthcare. (sorry for the runon sentence)

    • That there's nothing wrong with my blood pressure or heart. Just a stupid loose crystal in the ear - but that will heal itself.

    • That there are so many amazing fun people to RP with

  • Pitcrew

    Frozen let them rise then bake them cinnamon rolls. I am so thankful for them right now.

  • Admin

    That my dog is starting to realize peeing in the house is NOT OKAY.

  • Pitcrew

    After Too many years I have gainful employment again.
    I have a saint for a wife that puts up with far too much from me, and I love her to distraction after all these years.
    Lily and Siouxsie: Furbabies extraordinaire. They know when it's time to be fed and lord help me if I am busy doing anything else? Sure I'm on the phone with my psych, but they need treats NOW. But they are super cuddly love monsters.
    My Mother in Law and I are finally managing to cohabitate cordially and we might even be friends now?
    The small ADHD support group that has grown on this forum.
    After so many years of shit and mental health breakdowns, the last couple months are finally moving on an upward trajectory in a number of ways.
    My Brothers, my Oma and Opa, and my Mom. ANd even my estranged Cousin I'm starting to talk to again. She had undiagnosed BPD forever. Things are still strained between her and much of the family, But I am learning to understand mistakes more.
    And to all my friends, most of which are from this stupid hobby that I hate and love at the same time.

    Hugs and Kisse, imma stop rambling.

  • I'm thankful that I have a job right now where the people are as awesome as they are.

  • I'm thankful for my fiance, the baby we have on the way, the job I found I can do at home while our child grows, and the man that has made it possible for me to settle into a more traditional role in the household and actually appreciate what I do. Moving halfway across the country was the best thing I ever did and I'm grateful every day. Now to just find some games to play!

  • Pitcrew

    People who put up with me. It's a broad category and sounds needlessly self-effacing, but it's honest. Most people in my situation would be, at best, living in a shelter and surviving off of disability. A great many would be homeless.

    I am employed by people who understand my illness and genuinely care about me, and though I am embarrassed to be living with my parents as I approach 30, I am deeply, deeply grateful.

    The suicide attempt rate for trans people is terrifying. It is entirely possible I would not be alive but for my family and friends. That is a very sombering thought to carry with you.

  • Pitcrew

    @Rinel said in Giving Thanks:

    The suicide attempt rate for trans people is terrifying. It is entirely possible I would not be alive but for my family and friends. That is a very sombering thought to carry with you.

    Yes. Yes, it definitely can be. But I'm going to spin this on its head for you.

    "It is entirely possible I would not be alive but for my family and friends." This means you have people who love you, who support you, who badly want you to be here with them, alive and well. As someone who has been part of the family left behind twice? Don't ever, ever forget that.

  • Pitcrew


    Thank you. I appreciate that, truly. I've never really struggled with suicidal ideation, in part to that support. :)

  • Pitcrew

    I'm thankful for my dog, Logan. It might sound funny to some, but that dog has literally kept me alive more than once, by detecting sugar crashes or spikes. He also very on top of my emotional state, and will all but tackle me when I get upset, to distract me and offer comfort.

    I'm thankful for one of my best friends, who is trying to help me keep my car from being repossessed. Thankful to another who ordered me pizza when I hadn't eaten and was so depressed I didn't have the energy to cook.

    I'm thankful for my online friends, a lot of them through MU*, but also through League of legends - for making me laugh, making me play, and insisting I'm wanted when the real world is burying me alive.

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