[NOW OPEN] Titanic Two-Tone Tales: Noir (Take 2)

  • I was there when it started. So called age of heroes. When the Man of Steel showed himself for the first time, saved the titanic, and all those on her. When the world gained its first true hero, sum'in more'n man.

    I watched as the first boots hit the ground running, The Mystery Men: protecting the innocents, or dyin' tryin'. They was trying to follow in his footsteps, even if no man truly could. Lotta good men died trying.

    Read the papers, same as anyone, when the Great War broke out nation 'gence' nation, Brother 'gence' brother, slaughter on both sides. Every week some new super soldier, some new big weapon to end the war to end all wars.

    Signed up first hand when the huns attacked New York, destroyed the statue of liberty, leveled the big apple. Day war came to us, with all its mustard gas and suits of powered armor..

    Lost my boy to the first wave of "mutations" when the riots started during the Black Month. No one knew who started it, but we all got ideas. Just natural I guess.

    By the time the fightin settled, home and abroad we had our 'victory'. At the cost of over half a billion young men, number most us didn't even know existed let alone how to cope with.

    With so many people gone there was a lot of land up for grabs. Lot more food left to go round. It stopped the riots sure, but most the land what was left was just miles of No-mans Land, bombed out husks of buildings for miles in all directions worse still in places like Berlin, NYC and Paris, cities leveled to the ground.

    The factories of war had already been cranked to overtime, and that didn't stop just for somethin' so silly as the end of the war. There was business to be had and it was boomin'. Entire cities where the smokestacks stretched for miles were bathed in an endless night the dense black smog a factories set about to rebuild tomorrow.

    I was lucky just to have survived... most me anyway

    Thought it was all over, that there weren't no help coming. Then sometin changed.

    People like Howard Stark surprised us all, and showed us how we could be better. Those men built back New York City from the ground, into something new, something better. Over seas the League of Nations and their Justice Society were doing the same thing all across the world. Didn't want to believe it, but for the first time in a lifetime hope was back. Life seemed possible.

    Nowadays, the embers of the great war are slowly dying out, and Heroes are almost as common a sight as the abandoned buildings where so many people once lived. Iron Man, Spider-man, Batman, and even our own Man of Steel, Superman. All helping to make this city of ours work. Yet for every Batman there's a Joker, every Spider-man a Venom. More heroes we get, more villains tryin' to make their mark.

    They're calling it the great party, greatest celebration after the war to end all wars. Feels a bit Strange in the light of it all, specially when prohibition says you can't even drink away your problems. It's a dark, and dangerous place, and you've got to ask yourself, "Can I even push back? Do I event want to?" 'nough to make a man crazy. Then you remember Folks like Luthor, and Richards, and you remember we've got The Worlds Finest.

    Titanic Two-Tone Tales:Noir is a Dieselpunk Superheros Mush for players ages 18+, set in an alternate history on one of infinite earths! We allow both Marvel, and DC characters along with Original Creations! We make use of a simplified traits system making character generation fast and easy. And with the Ares System we have a full built in Scene logger! We are currently in ALPHA, and you can connect to us at: our website 4tmu.aresmush.com or connect to our game with 4tmu.aresmush.com:1930 We want YOU!

    That's right boys and girls we're back, and this time we have a working chargen system that's a lot simpler to get a grip on! Come one come all for the adventure of a lifetime!

    https://discord.gg/mgEPaUB Is our discord

  • First few days have been fantastic, loving the turnout and working with players to improve the setting little by little special thanks to everyone who has done so much to help with testing and improving the game!

    edit: So I've been doing some thinkin and want some honest feedback: Should I remake the advert and make it less winded? I mean it's kind of what I wanted to do a nice vignette, but at the same time I know by doing something that's not in universe I can probably make something that might attract players better.

    We're just a nice friendly dieselpunk noir supers place, which gets a bit darker in background theme while still getting some good old fashioned comic plotlines, So I don't really know how to go with things. I'm not an advertisement firm so I'm not great at the whole adertising my games, and advertising is everything so I'm told.

  • We have officially made it to 14 unique approved characters! I honestly never thought this day would come but the place is absolutly buzzing with activity! I never could have imagined it, but we're starting out strong and will hopefully be sticking steady!

    On friday we began our first plotline! A demonic red aura possessed a group of convicts who proceeded to break free from blackgate into the city of gotham where they've been wrecking havok in the streets!

    Meanwhile murmurs of activity surface in the glittering beacon of metropolis as something is afoot inside the sewers with workers going missing! What's going on? Are these events connected? Will anyone save the day? Could it be you?

  • Been checking this place out and gotta say, the people I've played with so far have been friendly, engaging, and happy to engage in hijinks.

    It does take some effort at times to remember 'AU dieselpunk 1930s' when RPing, but I'm sure I'll get to where it's easier.

    Only real feedback at this stage is: website needs more details / default Ares imagery replaced, but I know @Mr-Johnson is learning Ares as he goes and it'll get there.

  • @Auspice Did just want to say that the reason we're not using our old art is because another community took the one I had origionally gotten made for the game when I last tried to launch it and then used it themselves so I went and commissioned a brand new artpeice for the site. Soon as I get the art back from the artist I'll happy swap out the placeholder art and get things lookin a bit better.

  • Got some custom channels set up for groups.

    new page specifically for rules on space, time, and dimensional travel posted.

    Brand new webzone logo and banner.
    Fixed some issues with formatting on the website.

    Fixed a minor issue with chargen bugging out on rare occasions.

    Updated the grid to finish up metropolis and start work on the undercity.

    Did some grammatical and spell checking across the game.

    Added an info page on Wakanda.

    set up pages for the currently running staff plots.

    Finished writeup for the big transition plot from testing to full release.

    Got up to 40 approved characters on game.

    fixed a minor bit of noneuclidean geometry on grid that resulted in looping rooms when going east in metropolis.

    Did more testing into potential ways to implement FS3 in a way that doesn't directly contradict FS3's stated goals. Still looking at other potential conflict resolution systems for the full release of the game.

    Added two new storytellers to help keep making fun new plots for players and get people into the community.

    Countless thanks for making the game as successful as it has been this holiday season, having the turnout this place has had has been the best christmas present I could ever ask for. This has been an experience I would never trade for anything else, and I can't find the words to properly express my gratitude. Thank you guys so very much for joining along for the ride and hope you guys continue to have as much fun playing as I do running.

  • Just a quick update for folks to say we're out and free from alpha and we've managed to fix quite a few bugs. Christmas was difficult on the game but we're back round to get things started again and get right back down to rp.

  • Slowly but surely we're rebuilding our playerbase. I'd like to thank everyone who's come back and state that I plan on running plenty of events to try and get us back up to speed. We're currently still looking for some extra Event staff who are willing to help run stories and I'd like to remind people that players are ALWAYS welcome to run their own events. I'm also setting up a discord for the server which should be up sometime today or tomorrow.

  • I said it was coming and I'm a man of my word: https://discord.gg/mgEPaUB Is our discord and you can feel free to stop in say hello check things out and hopefully overtime it'll build into quite the handy companion tool for our server. Not much there now but I'll add more as needed.