Please to be breaking this

  • Pitcrew

    Hey I made a thing. It's an NWOD Character generator which uses GMC where available or else uses NWOD, and it's ... Enough done that I want to ask people to throw rocks at it.

    So far I have Werewolf and Vampire with GMC rools, and Geist, Changeling and Mage with uh, Not GMC Rules. I intend to add Demon and Changing Breeds as soon as I can ... wrap my head around how the hell Changing Breeds even works.


    Do you think you could kindly connect to port 2015, then type "break shit" when you're connected to my cute little game, and use the CG?

    If you run into a bug you can bitch at me for it here or you can use +request to be like SHIT'S BROKE.

    Of course I want to know if it's broken, but I'm also looking for feedback with regard to user-friendliness and if there are any missed opportunities to eliminate work for the player. Since I want to make games that have risk involved IC, I want making a character to be as easy and low-investment as it can be.

    Thank you!

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