OMG talk about Watchmen on HBO with me!!

  • Pitcrew

    Ahem, I am obsessed with this show right now. I am obsessed with reading about this show and other people takes. I am boggled by the weird brigadding of the reviews of this show.

    My brain loves to live in the grey areas, the dark grey, the what ifs. I love how nothing is what it seems on the surface (and if you think it is watch it again and stop thinking of RL politics)

  • I haven't watched Episode 2 yet. That's tonight. But OMFG was Episode 1 like pure AWESOME with Extra Awesome and a side of Awesome.

  • This show has some serious moxie. I'm loving it.

    I don't care if Alan Moore hates it. It's a nod to the original style of storytelling, is political as Hell, and is everything that I hoped for.

  • Pitcrew

    Also there are files and news clipping directly related tot he show that seem to be released after each episode.

  • Pitcrew

    I've yet to watch ep 2 and won't be back till I have, but here's my episode 1 reaction:

    @Rinel said in Great TV:

    So. Watchmen. Am I supposed to be cheering for the fascist police state because it's taking out white supremacists?

    I'm going to assume that the point is "just because a fascist police state is taking out white supremacists doesn't meant that fascist police states are okay." But now I am just sitting here watching weird satirical liberal revenge porn.

    I feel very confused.

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