Derbyshire Estate

  • In Derbyshire lives the monsters that protect humanity. These monsters stand vigil against the terrors of the night that would threaten earth. Wayward souls themselves, lost or without homes, they seek to protect that which they see as good. Derbyshire stands to protect those hunted by other monsters and even humans while also training those that desire to stand up against that darkness that threatens to extinguish the light.

    Derbyshire is a dark fantasy story telling collaborative that includes game elements (FS3, we uses Ares). We are focused on character exploration through these stories and personal exploration supplemented by ongoing plots and adventure. Staff hopes to create a safe environment to allow players to explore these concepts through role-playing on-line and assist where they can in discovering and telling these stories of our players' characters. We are lightly a super hero/dark comic genre but our primary focus is the preternatural setting we have created.

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    Note: Definitely a work in progress, details still being added, it will flush out more as we move forward. This is beta, things could definitely change at this point especially around combat, but theme-wise we're opening the slate minimally with enough to get running.

  • Pitcrew

    @Lotherio What time period is this set in? It looks like it might be a historical game, but doesn't overtly say so.

  • @Cupcake Modern. Its just not high up on the home page, I'll amend that here in a few minutes.

  • I picked up Ivy. Theme looks interesting and I wanted to play the girl who plays with dead things.

    ...probably (definitely) inspired by the book series I'm reading rn.

  • The wiki at least does not really explain where the game is set though? Admittedly I am extra discombobulated because I literally lived in Derbyshire until the start of this year so by reading this I mentally assume it is based in a sprawling post industrial town near the lake district.

  • @Packrat It is in a fictitious location called Derbyshire. It is implied that the focus is on the residents of this Derbyshire and their stewardship of Earth/humanity/monster-kind.

    The setting and the physical location are discussed in several locations. From the main page, 'Our setting is modern Earth (present day), though Derbyshire is in a realm of its own. '

    Theme overview is more OOC to explain it is dark super hero supernatural with some references to help correlate it to something known (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Hellboy, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children). There is a theme file on that page for 'Derbyshire' that explains more about the fictitious location.

    The Derbyshire page reiterates where the fictitious Derbyshire is: 'Derbyshire stands as bastion over earth, not quite inline with the physical world, resting somewhere in the beyond itself where it can guard against other intrusions as well.' and next paragraph, 'Physically in a realm between worlds, Derbyshire is composed of over 2,000 acres of space that includes ...'

    I am sorry it does not directly say 'Derbyshire exists in a dimension that is not quite earth, but is accessible through ley lines and other means of crossing dimensions'. I wrote the theme more flavorful in context of how a character may understand, implying other 'realms' are other worlds or other dimensions. I did not write this using dimensional terminology, I will add this later today.

    My second apology that it is a real location, this is my fault. I found Derby by searching unique surnames and ran with it instead of doing due diligence to find the real location. However, theme implies it existed on earth once before it was 'transplanted', I don't know the history of Derbyshire and Derby UK, but its typical with a lot of locations (noble estate, updated in 18th century to Palladian style architecture, nearby small 'village' where the common folks lived that served the estate/lord). It might further confuse things but Derbyshire Estates is also a location in Kentucky, US. Sorry our fictional location uses real world location names.

  • Pitcrew

    I'm with Packrat. It's just weird being told that a place half an hour up the road, big enough to contain a city and several towns, a place I visit fairly regularly, is a mystical location existing in a dimension that's not quite earth. There are a million people living in the Derbyshire that does exist in modern Earth (present day), and it really is in a realm of its own - just not quite in that sense. It's like calling your game Kentucky and it having nothing to do with fried chicken.

    There are parts of Derbyshire (England) where the idea of a mystical location could absolutely hold true - some bits of the Derbyshire Pennines (big hills) are absolutely stunning and it's easy to believe that if you walked into one of the caves you could walk out somewhere completely different - but most of Derbyshire's a bit boring unless you really enjoy walking, caving and trains.

    tl;dr Anyone from the UK was going 'huh?'

  • @Grayson said in Derbyshire Estate:

    tl;dr Anyone from the UK was going 'huh?'

    Again my apology, but are we're sort of suggesting duplication of names doesn't happen or shouldn't (California, Derby ... Derby NY ... Derby Ohio ... Derbyshire Estates, Kentucky ... Derbyshire Rd, Derby, Connecticut ... )? I'm sorry it feels weird. If we want to discuss fictitious places named after real places or name appropriation (purposeful or accidental) of location names, I'm sure others might be willing to weigh in in the mildly constructive area of the forums.

  • Here: discussion of name appropriation. Sorry again.

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