Xanadu Weyr Searches at Pernworld MUSH

  • Set in a unique post-AIVAS timeline, Xanadu Weyr is settled near Caspian Lake on the Southern Continent, near the northern shore of the Sea of Azov. A technological haven, Xanadu is the most modern of the Weyrs, relying on the sun and rivers alike to power their electric lights and to heat their artificial Hatching Sands. Xanadu is also home to the Dragonhealer’s Annex, where Pern’s finest study reproductive issues in golds, while attempting to determine why some eggs are simply not viable. Dolphineers, Harpers, Healers, and Beastcrafters alike call the Xanadu region home – the self-sufficient Weyr having a place for anyone who’ll put in an honest day of work, as well as many who don’t.

    Xanadu's junior gold, Ilyscaeth, is egg-heavy in the extreme, and bets are being taken as to just how many eggs she might be carrying, and just when they'll be laid. The Annex's Dragonhealers don't seem concerned with how long the pregnancy is taking (and neither, it seems, is she) but considering the gold is rapidly approaching 'can she even fit through the entrance to the sands?!' levels, well... Only time will tell what the results will be. For now, spirits high, searchriders have been called upon, their dragons undergoing preparations to wing far and wide to seek Pern's best and brightest (<< AND MOST BADASS>>) to stand for the clutch.

    OOCly, we're a fun and eclectic bunch of roleplayers here at Xanadu Weyr! Pernworld and its setting allows us to indulge in our ridiculous sides, and we love nothing more than to pitch banter around our knot, or to stir up some RP - funny and serious alike! If you would like to apply and come to join us for a chance at becoming a dragonrider, you can login using the information below and create a character! Once you're on grid, you can type 'search me' from any room to access Xanadu's application! Please note you have until September 29th to complete the form, and then WE'RE COMING FOR YOU! (With rainbows, and hugs, and an excessive amount of caps lock, probably.)

    If you have any questions, feel free to login as a guest (or as a character) and contact any one of our search coordinators: Risali, R'hyn, Citayla, N'kon, or D'lei.

    Our site: http://xanadu.wikidot.com/
    MUSH connection is at paper.mudmagic.com, port:2211