Arc 1 - The Price of Magic - 2E Mage

  • Pitcrew

    The Golden Road is still in soft-open, but there is functional code. The first major story arc, the Price of Magic, begins this Monday, September 16th, 2019.

    Classes at the Havrion University for Magical Pedagogy have resumed. A new class of first years, filled with the mysterious 'five new Watchtowers of the world' have arrive, along with other students of the 'traditional Watchtowers'. Brand new assistant faculty have shown up from all over the globe, teaching everything combative magics to field research and relic hunting to modern magecraft.

    The first arc centers around the constant uses of magic, whether frivolous, or not not just locally in the Upstate New York region, but also globally. There are events happening all over which have drastic effects on how the story takes shape.

    All we are revealing for the episode 1 of the first arc is this: DEMONS.

    People are welcome to play first years (chargen level chars), 3rd/4th years (15 xp) or even faculty (40 xp) at the start of the game. Come on and say hi at telnet://

    Hope to see you there!

  • Pitcrew

    Story Arc Updates! Episode 1

    We have officially started the metaplot, and there are two major threads with different focuses. It's a great time to join either as a student or a faculty member as things will continue to be uncovered.

    The Town That Death Forgot - Faculty

    The Ashen Sword of Bone has been an artifact that is considered one of the few pieces of proof of archmastery and mages traversing the golden road to archmastery. As such, it is known as a sariras, one of the remnants left over by an archmage. It is considered a PLATONIC ideal, connected directly to the supernal, so the problem is: Why did it suddenly crack? The faculty are currently trying to find the chantry where this wonder was found somewhere in Egypt.

    The Reckoning of the Misfortunate Ones - Students

    Field trips! That's how it always starts. While out on a practical magecraft exercise to identify and purchase a few low powered wonders in New York City, the students stumbled onto something more. Two little girls with access to high level magics with a seeming ability to teleport and the other to stop time in an area completely! When time was stopped, the girls spoke about the Reckoning and how they needed to stop it by gathering enough power before teleporting off. All that the students on the trip know is where the girls go to (St. Anne's Prep School in Manhattan) and that apparently their powers have killed. Are these girls newly awakened? Are they one of the new watchtowers? Or is it something else entirely?

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