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    Hey guys. I hope this is the right place to ask this.

    I've been looking at Evennia since it seems to let me poke at making a game before buying server space and whatnot, and it seemed like a good place to figure out if I'm out of my league before I spend any money. But looking at the instructions on the website, after installing three programs, it tells me to... 'cd' something, or 'pushd' to an install location, and it's not clear to me what that means, or what it's referring to. Am I missing some kind of slang, or is it assuming I know something about code interface? Or should I just open Python/Git/C++ and they'll tell me? I haven't been able to look at them yet since I need to reboot to finish with them and I have stuff going on.

    These are the instructions I'm looking at: https://github.com/evennia/evennia/wiki/Getting-Started#windows-install

    It's also not clear to me if I'm supposed to download Evennia from somewhere, or if that's something one of the programs handles. Sorry if I'm being dense. I don't have a lot of context in my head for what I'm trying to learn how to do. I wish there was just a big download installer where you push the shiny button and it puts a tutorial/building/testing game on your computer.

    EDIT: Had to, er... actually link to the instructions this time.

  • I would recommend hopping onto the #Evennia IRC or Discord channel. We are a very responsive bunch over there and there are usually several people willing to help.

    The article you linked to is written from the perspective of using the Windows Command Line Interface utility (cmd). I.e. Press Windows+R to open “Run” box. Type “cmd” and then click “OK”

    Once everything is installed, you will be able to make edits and such without having to use this, but stopping and starting Evennia will still involve a couple of CLI commands.

  • Pitcrew

    @friarzen Okay, thanks!

  • @SquirrelTalk You're welcome. It is always a little rough at the beginning when trying to figure out which tool does what.

    python and pip: this is vaguely equivalent to PennMUSH's hardcode.
    virtualenv: this is like a workbench where you keep specific tools for building Evennia birdhouses
    git: this is sort of the download utility to get everything else

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