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    Howdy, guys!

    I'm JD from By Right Of Blood and since I got the reins of my game back, cut out its restrictive house rules, burned its Spanish Inquisition style chargen to the ground, and started storytelling on Wednesday and Thursday nights, I'm super excited to invite you to my game! It's a Vampire: The Masquerade game (20th Anniversary Edition) and you don't need to have the 20th Anniversary Edition book to play, you just need to come in and be awesome. Our plots focus on the religious and occult aspects of the Sabbat and reckoning with crazy Eldritch abominations.

    I've had two fun plots running for the past month about uncovering the secrets the Followers of Set left in the city. This Saturday, the 25th, Archbishop Eremenko is asking the diocese to infiltrate a gathering during the Feast Of Saint Mark to recover information on a potential new enemy for the Sword of Caine, as chances run high that the Sabbat face a new war against an enemy not seen in recent years in the City of Miami.

    Check out the website (www.byrightofblood.com) which has ideas and information, or come and connect to Mux.ByRightOfBlood.Com port 2015 and party hard with us.

    The game is small so we want to see more players. If you recruit your buddies and they make a character, you can get 5 XP per victim you bring into the fold. Our staff's timezone is CST so you should see us online on weeknights and weekends!

    Chargen is smooth and user-friendly, a matter of putting stats on your sheet, so you can hit the grid as soon as you've desced and statted your character.

    Connect: mux.ByRightOfBlood.com
    Port: 2015
    What You Can Play: Vampires, Ghouls, and Revenants.
    Setting: Modern (2015).
    WOD Canon Particulars: 20th Anniversary Edition where Space-AIDS never happened.

  • I'm going to put myself back into this once life settles down.

  • Pitcrew

    I eventually plan to talk Jack into adding a Cam genre back in... in a city far enough away from Miami that players can A: comfortably play in both and B: Open warfare between the cities is not really tenable. I think adding in the Diplomatic Option from the V20 books might be tenable...

    But if you've always wanted to play that Harbinger of Skulls, Serpent Houngan or Salubri Warrior, this is the place to do it.

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    Awesome :D!

    The website has an Idea Book for now which is a google doc that has all our plot-seed and character generation assistance information. I'm going to get a MediaWiki set up, hopefully by Monday because we used to have this clunky ass horrible abortion of a Wikia and, no man, just no.

  • @GentlemanJack is awesome, said by someone who isn't actually playing there!

  • @lordbelh
    I think we need a level of awesome to keep things flowing. More games are always good. More games that seem to be doing things in new and unprecedented ways is always good. More games planning to do expansion is always good.

  • Pitcrew

    I can't speak for Jack too much, but I think the goal for BRoB's Sabbat genre is to explore that the sect, while rowdy, has its own swirl of politics and clan agendas, and that there's a LOT you can do in it aside from coming up with the most creative way to disembowel a human*.

    At least, that's what I'm trying to do. I'm playing a Tzimisce whose clan politics are decidedly neo-feudalist, and whose sect politics are wholly Loyalist.

    *That's still on the table.

  • Admin

    I played an Assamite on BRoB for a few weeks, months ago.

    While I liked the game itself, higher up staff at the time wasn't even trying to disguise their favor for RL friends for something else. I shook my head and moved on, which is a shame since I liked my character there.

  • Pitcrew

    Yeah, I wanted to make a Sabbat game where the Sabbat has its shit together, is organized and intelligent and go into the political, religious, and occult aspects that are in the books.

    That is a shame and a truth @Arkandel. which I am not going to deny. I had one staffer whose influence changed the dynamics of the game and staff's attitude entirely, in a negative sense, and I was fairly ignorant of just how bad it was (largely distracted by RL so I kind of just poked my head in and flailed around and left for a few consecutive months) until I realized my game had some kinda' damn leprosy.

    Fortunately I have removed the person responsible and I would like you to give the game another go,

    @lordbelh o: well thank u. Your name is familiar. Did I flake out on coding something for you D: I think I did. Oh shit.

  • I'll have to give it a go, or at least pretend to, just to play a Fury.

  • I'll try to finish the CG for my Ventrue I had planned months ago I suppose.

    See if I can manage this time.

  • Pitcrew

    Awesome! Tomorrow night at 7 CST is when I'mma be storytelling, whether 2 or 20 people show up. Since the CG is set up to where you can play as soon as you've set your stats and your description you might could get a scene the same day, and I'm also STing the day after (again starting 7 CST).

  • Finished up my PC. No longer "Dan," he is now "Nick." GJack helped get the PC set up fast.

    If you like(d) old-school Vampire, this might be your thing. Also, it's now open-CGen. No risk! Potential reward!

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    I am open to the idea of adding in Camarilla and/or Anarch on Tree Of Woe's terms, that is, if the sects are put into different cities that have enough distance between them so that open PC vs PC warfare is not tenable. We tried it out with them being next door to each other and that was not good, combined with problematic staff at the time.

    However I WOULD NOT STAFF IT MYSELF. because I am not really personally interested in Camarilla/Anarch as a storyteller and a game deserves someone who is willing to devote attention to it.. I would code for it (since it'd be on my game), but I wouldn't do any storytelling for it.

    So, the opportunity and code is ready for someone among you who DOES want an Anarch and/or Camarilla Vampire game, if you want it enough to build a grid and provide storytelling and engage players, and you are okay with collaborating with me in the sense that it would be on my server/port.

    I really would like to see what would happen if you provided an all or multi-sphere game, but where the spheres themselves are segregated into cities. The details depend on who you're crossing over, but, the concept interests me. I want to see what would happen if you had a game where every supernatural type has a designed-in reason for sticking to their territory/territories....Hell, where merits like "Open Road" are actually worth taking.

    As an aside I also have code for Werewolf just sitting around on this game since I was asked to do a Werewolf sister game but then the staffer lost interest. So Yama and I are recycling it to make a BADASS WESTERN AW YEE. and I think one of y'all wanted a Werewolf game?

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    I had thought about it but I don't have the time to set one up and run it.

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    Aw. Wellp, tonight at 7 CST I'll be wearing my ST hat :V Thanks to the events on Saturday (that being this priest BURSTING INTO FLAAAMES at a feast) the players want an audience with Eremenko and it looks like vampire hunters may be afoot and need skull crushing.

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    Sorry for double-posting, but I wanted to make sure it gets on here since I say I'm on here every Wednesday and Thursday: This week I can't go 'cause I have to help make A FUCKLOAD OF CUPCAKES AND A GROOM'S CAKE AUGH for a wedding.

    But I talked to Yamazaki, the other ST, and he should be able to run something this week so that we have a little action moving forward every week. Yay!

    Does anybody know how to decorate cupcakes to look like flowers ;.;

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  • Pitcrew

    Hi I'm Yama and I do bad things to the players on BRoB.

    Join us. We have cookies. coughieatthemallbeforetheygettotheplayerscough.

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    Aaaand I'm back from the hurricane party that called itself a wedding

    And tomorrow it's back to ST Wednesdays and Thursdays, wooo! I notice there are about five more of y'all, some from MuSoapBox, so, I'm postin' to let you know I'll be on at 7 PM CST to corral ya'll for a scene.