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    Also am I incorrect in sniffing out some SCP vibes?

  • @Rinel Section 14 investigators were unable to discover which hostile Entity or Entities provided Mr Lovecraft with the funding and materiel he used to create his original works. But, working swiftly, the Agents on-site succeeded in a surprisingly beneficial operation which swapped his originals with inoculated, sanitized copies. These copies gained notoriety and spread farther and wider than expected. Section 14 then discovered an added side-effect: desensitizing the general populace to such topics increased the success rate of the Agent indoctrination procedures. Since then, many suitably sanitized disinformation campaigns (so as not to fall afoul of Protocol 3's Operational Security mandates) have been devised to assist in the gradual reeducation of the public. Without confirming, nor denying, Secure, Contain, and Protect's Foundational guidelines are a perfect example.

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    @friarzen To quote my avatar:

    alt text

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    From my understanding, The Secret World has RvR gameplay with the Illuminati, the Templars, and the Dragon working against each other. Will Section 14 have this? Perhaps certain agents are actually infiltrators with ulterior motives. Or are you shooting for a more cooperative 'it's us against the horrors of the otherworld' vibe?

    As for a system, Burning Wheel/Mouse Guard RPG might have some elements to borrow. I bring up Mouse Guard because it's a cooperative 'us against the horrors of the world like snakes and weasels and we are but tiny mice people.'

  • I don't trust my ability/time to run a quality, full-blown RvR game, so, while other factions do exist, they will all be non-playable in favor of a cooperative game. It might be something that gets revisited in the distant future, but not any time soon.

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    @friarzen said in Section 14 - Discussion:

    I don't trust my ability/time to run a quality, full-blown RvR game...

    If there is one truth to MSB, it's that we aren't about quality here.

  • Reminds me a bit of classic RPG Bureau 13. You should read it for inspiration if you haven't come across it already/

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