• So I vaguely remember this game and I know it ran on Ares with FS3. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything on it any more. I'm very curious how they handled supernatural abilities. Anyone have any information on what mods or changes they made to the FS3 system to fit Buffy? Thanks!

  • @ZombieGenesis I'm really not sure any would really need to be made. Unless you're allowing for spell casting, then you could handle that by adding in a Magic Skill to roll against. Most of the Buffy stuff is physical so it could easily be represented by the current system.

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    @Seamus Does FS3 allow for stuff like slayer and demon strength and regeneration right out of the box?

  • @Bad-at-Lurking That was my primary concern. The stats have limits(up to 8 I think?) so I was curious about how they handled stats that went beyond that. When I was toying around with using FS3 for a general urban fantasy game I was thinking about using the optional Advantage system and having things like Strength where each rank gave you a cumulative +2 modifier on strength rolls.

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    There is a Cortex plug-in for Ares that might be more suitable for supernatural stuff than FS3, in my opinion. And the latest system resource document for Cortex Prime has it shaping up to be pretty good, all things considered.

    Great rules, but man, does Cam Banks need a technical writer to translate his tech/game speak to English.

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    If it is/was this one, you might try reaching out to @goodstarbuck (assuming it's the same person here as there).


  • @ZombieGenesis said in Bad Moon Rising MUSH(Buffy FS3):

    The stats have limits(up to 8 I think?) so I was curious about how they handled stats that went beyond that.

    I have no idea what Bad Moon did, but your concern is quite valid. FS3 does not scale well to superhuman ability levels because of the way the dice mechanic works. It's just not designed for that.

    Once you get above 9 dice you're already at 99% success on a base roll, so adding more dice doesn't really get you much. More dice do insulate you against modifiers and give you more of an edge in opposed rolls, but the effects are not as dramatic as you might think. It's certainly not going to turn somebody into a super-powered badass.

    FS3 also has no coded powers system, so you'd either have to wing it (using advantages or whatever) or code up something yourself.

    But as @Bad-at-Lurking pointed out, Ares supports other skills systems that would probably be more suitable.

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    If you wanted to use FS3, you could easily have Weapon Specials for Demon/Slayer Strength and for Werewolf Claws, and that sort of thing. This would give you the necessary lethality/accuracy/penetration/initiative modifiers. You have to trust your players to use the right specials, but if you can't trust them to do that, why the heck are you letting them play on your game?

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    Weapon Speciality: Lethal Backhanded Compliment.

  • @Seraphim73 It all depends on what they're trying to model. I'm not a big Buffy expert or anything, but I seem to recall the 'supers' having such strength that they can throw humans across the room effortlessly, take wounds that would kill a normal human, etc. etc. You just can't model that effectively in FS3. It's designed for humans. Sure you could make it so the vampires always go first in initiative or the werewolves have claws that do the same damage as a knife or whatever, but that's not really modeling "superpowers".