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  • Sometimes something just bums you out, but it's not a peeve or anger or anything. Like I feel weird posting 'this thing kinda sucks!' in the disgruntlement thread.

    My thing today: both my favorite people at work took today off. We said our goodbyes already but I'm still bummed out that I couldn't see them on my last day.

  • @Auspice Congrats on moving on to better things, at least?

  • @Admiral said in RL Sads:

    @Auspice Congrats on moving on to better things, at least?

    This is true. And I'm excited for the new job.
    But these have been, hands down, some of the best people I've ever worked with.

    So it's bittersweet

  • My current bummer: a lot of my friends are off at conventions or Disney World or other things. I'm happy for them but I miss them!

  • I'm still working in the same field and basically the same job I never intended to stay with and can see no end in sight.

    Also my body is falling apart. I think I'm going to just collapse in a bloody heap on the job someday and that will be the end of me. What a shitty way to go.

  • Pitcrew

    I'm the odd one out in my family, yet again. I don't know what to do, and it just leaves me miserable.

  • @Macha I've been there before and I sympathize. It gets easier with time and distance. If your family regularly makes you feel like an outsider you might want to consider a separation, even if it is limited.

  • Pitcrew

    @Admiral My father was abusive and I was mostly separated for a handful of years. I thought with dad and I mending bridges, I'd be part of the family again. I was wrong, other than a brief time after his death. This just comes with the stress of starting a new job, and being in full on panic because I move next weekend and money is beyond tight. So it hits harder to be excluded - and on my birthday.

  • @Macha I'm sorry. Birthdays and Christmas are always the hardest times of the year when you're estranged from family; I speak from experience on that. Just take things one step at a time. Focus on the job when you are at work. Focus on the move when you are at home. It is good to compartmentalize and keep things separate. For sanity sake.

    Happy birthday, by the way! For what it's worth.

  • Pitcrew

    @Admiral First birthday without my dad, who always tried to make sure I got a call or some cash, or something, just to show he didn't forget again (he forgot once). Before and after our estrangement, anyhow.

    And thank you. It's worth a bit. Enough to make me smile a moment anyhow!

  • First time speaking to my grandmother on my fathers side in a small age and it's to find out she's got less then a year expected. That strange mix of glad to actually have a word, and just depression she's going to be gone building on existing medical nonsense with me.

  • I have an RL friend who I've kept in touch with since high school (we live in different states, no longer have any other friends in common) that has gone radio silent.

    End of September, we were texting still on a regular basis. Not daily, but every few days at least. Then nothing. Messaged a couple times in October. Messaged a couple times this month.

    No replies.

    There have been no arguments. Our last convo was just catching up, talking about our jobs: the usual. Like, zero reason that I know of for the lack of communication.

    It makes me really afraid something happened to them.

  • Pitcrew

    @Auspice Time for Facebook stalking.

  • @Aria said in RL Sads:

    @Auspice Time for Facebook stalking.

    I don't have FB anymore and they never did. :(

  • @Auspice said in RL Sads:

    google (name) (city) death notice

  • @TNP said in RL Sads:

    @Auspice said in RL Sads:

    google (name) (city) death notice

    I actually saw them pop up like, an hour after I posted that, on a chat program we're both on.
    Sent a message.
    They were off shortly after.

    So Something Is Up.
    I dunno what.
    Our last convo was literally cheerful, upbeat, catching up about life and work.

    I guess the upside is I know they're OK.
    Downside is... I dunno why the sudden radio silence.

  • @Auspice

    Perhaps a jealous RL partner? I’ve heard of that kind of bullshittery.

    Frankly, any person that asks me to dump a long term friend for sex is probably not worth the trouble or the sex.

  • @Ganymede said in RL Sads:


    Perhaps a jealous RL partner? I’ve heard of that kind of bullshittery.

    Frankly, any person that asks me to dump a long term friend for sex is probably not worth the trouble or the sex.

    That DID cross my mind. Last I knew, there was no RL partner.
    But, it is entirely possible they got one between the last 'sit down and catch up' because the two of us have a very long history together, have been very close (did briefly date, disastrously, when we were 21), so I could see that sort of scenario. And while I am with you (I want my SO to have friendships: my ex-husband was so clingy I would frequently shove him out the door to go hang with his friends), I know not everyone feels that way.

  • @Auspice

    I think it is a stupid position to take. The first sign of an abusive relationship of any kind is isolation.

  • Pitcrew

    In two days (well, 1.5 now) Christmas break starts for my students. For 24/26 of them I'm excited for them to be home, to play, and just to be KIDS.

    For the last two though, my heart aches. One of them just has the WORST home life I won't go into now. She asked me if she could skip the Christmas party until I told her that it was just going to be a classroom affair and that no parents were coming*, then perked up and wanted to participate. The other has his first Christmas with his parents divorced and he's just a MESS emotionally from it. I just want to keep them close and protect them from the feelings that the break will bring on.

    • Before people wonder why parents aren't invited- I have a group of kiddos this year with MAJOR sensory issues. They get upset easily when it gets too loud and chaotic which often leads to anger and often violence. They cannot control it. Every Holiday party I've ever involved parents in has gotten LOUD. By keeping it a small and calm affair I'm protecting all of my students. My parents (mostly) understand and are respectful of it.

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