Gas Money

  • I really didn't want to have to come here asking for more money after everyone was so kind about helping me out with my cat's vet bill before he passed.But poverty kind of pushes dignity to the side, I suppose.

    I've been living with my parents for the last year after I lost my job and home, then another job, then couldn't find another job before finally giving up because of an upcoming move. I'm supposed to be moving to Austin, TX in the next couple days, but my emotionally abusive father has decided to use this moment, the moment he'll finally get rid of me for good, to put his foot down about lending me anymore money. I don't blame him for not wanting to lend me more, honestly, but it does put me in an awkward spot.

    I have about $50 squirreled away for gas, at this point, and I know that won't get me there. I don't need to eat or anything (I'll probably be freaking out too much, anyway!), I just need to get where I'm going.

    If anyone has any spare cash I could borrow (I'm totally willing to pay people back once I get a job!), I would be forever grateful. If you're so inclined, my paypal is redacted, and my venmo is redacted. (Feel free to pm me if you'd like to help, I didn't realize this category was public.)

    Thank you so much! I can't wait until I'm settled and can pay it forward when other people come up in need! <3

  • I'll send you a bit when I get paid. You can pay me back by letting me take you to the game store when you get to Austin. ;)

  • Pitcrew

    Let me say, my friend the puppy-breathed is being...kind...about this guy she's fleeing. This is a man who has emotionally and mentally abused her since childhood, who is keeping her mother from helping her out, who has lead her to believe she'd have support then snatched it out from under her at the LAST MINUTE. This man is a seeping, festering pile of alt-right bullshit in vaguely human shape who is actively trying to force her to fail in some of the most insidious ways possible.

    I'm doing all I can to get her out of this situation but my own financial stability right now is...precarious, with multiple surgeries having just hit our credit cards, maxing them at a time when we'd just refinanced and said "We'll barely be okay as long as we don't put anything else on the credit cards".

    If anyone can help, please do. One way or another, we'll get her out of this, but it would be amazing if we could get some help.

  • Pitcrew

    Can you set up a gofundme? (I'll definitely try it via paypal, never used that, but a gofundme is super easy.)

  • Pitcrew

    How much are you short?

  • Pitcrew

    @JinShei I'm relatively certain she'd undersell how much she needs - my napkin math says ~$125 for gas, plus whatever extra to stop for food because she really should on a drive this long. Of course, she's also been left without a means to pay her bills this coming month due to being led to believe they'd be paid and then having that unexpectedly dragged away at the last minute - so every penny that we can scrape together, before or after, will go toward straight-up survival. Even if she gets a job the day she gets here (which, tbh, isn't that unlikely given the job market in Austin) it'll be at least two weeks for a paycheck to hit.

  • @Auspice Thank you! <3 I can't wait to hang out and be dragged places. :D

  • Pitcrew

    @RDC @PuppyBreath righto. Have sent a bit to help out.

  • @Goblin I'm hesitant to have another crowdfunding campaign attached to my name because of job searching, and I'm not sure how long it would take to be usable. If I'd known sooner, I definitely would have been more organized, but I just learned about this today, and I wanted to be leaving tomorrow or Thursday. :(

  • @JinShei Thank you so much! <3

  • Do you have the Cash app?

  • Tossed you a few bucks. I wish you better luck.

  • @Seamus I didn't, but I just set it up. Looks interesting! Do you have a referral code I can enter? I'm redacted. (Feel free to pm me if you'd like to help, I didn't realize this category was public.)

  • @saosmash Thank you so much! I'm hopeful about my luck turning once I'm in Austin.

  • Pitcrew

    @PuppyBreath Gah, I apparently had a paypal account but can't reactivate it (I think I used an email I don't remember any longer) and the venmo doesn't work from my country due to the telephone number? I donno why, but can't get it to work. I don't want to put MORE strain on you, but I do want to give something. ARe gofundmes a pain to set up?

  • @PuppyBreath I sent what I could. If it was closer to payday I could have helped more.

  • @Seamus Thank you! I appreciate it so much! <3

  • @Goblin Upon investigation it looks like my old gofundme campaign can still be donated to, if you wanted to use that platform. It's totally okay if not, of course! But here's the link to that:

  • Pitcrew

    @PuppyBreath Thanks, sent some over via the gofundme. :) Good luck with everything!

  • Tutorialist

    Hey boo. If I make enough tonight in tips to stay on track for my bills, I'll send you whatever extra I make. <3

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