Accounting for gender imbalances

  • Pitcrew

    @Kanye-Qwest (& others, I won't @ everyone again since I just did in a recent post)
    Sound advice, truly solid, and while I didn't do the whole pulling to the side thing (because heart to hearts make my teeth hurt) I did point out that we'd celebrated father's day & that was when he went on his tangent about my already having mother's day and cheapening the holiday by celebrating it needlessly and yeah.

    This father's day thing isn't even something I'm particularly passionate about, but reading this thread and seeing how common sense workplace decorum should be, or what efforts simply make sense for promoting equal voices & shutting down things that are obviously upsetting people, and then realizing my office really doesn't have that going on... I feel bitey about it.

  • @Darinelle said in Accounting for gender imbalances:

    I hope she was the most qualified but if she WAS the most qualified and you DO hire her I do not envy the conversation you'll have to have with whoever that idiot was.

    The conversation should have already taken place.

    And probably should have started with a more professional version of, "Don't be a dick," and potentially ended with a call to HR.

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