Hack Writer Looking For Talent

  • As I've mentioned, I've been trying to get a degree in fiction for a couple years now. I plan on completing it by 2022, and my head is in a much sounder basket than before.

    In the meantime, I've cobbled together a few practice ideas, but much more importantly, a large sheet of plot and character design rules, observations, shortcuts, and concepts. These tricks are in print, comics, and screenwritten form, and can be applied to a number of different types of written materials.

    I'm looking for a writer that might like to test some of my theories out, free of charge if you prefer, or maybe to just look at what I've got laid out in terms of my viewpoints on fictitious logic. Send me an e-mail at zartan@outlook.com, contact my IM here, or log onto my little project MUSH, portent.genesismuds.com:2077.

    I'd love to chat.

  • @Chet

    I can certainly take a look at them. I can't guarantee what timeframe I can respond to anything in (been busy-ish). I'll drop a PM here shortly with my writing/professional email account that you can toss things at. :)

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