Death of Stalin/Paranoia game

  • @Ghost said in Incentives for RP:

    Unless it's StalinMush(tm). Then, mandated leadership is encouraged and bannings for failure/cowardice (enforced by staff-appointed Commissar) will help keep the people strong.

    I so want this. I'm picturing a game where xp is spent staying alive rather than becoming an uber character. All of the characters are party members, even if they don't know it--their parents signed them up for their sixth birthday or something, and yeah, everyone is on a list.

    Weekly plots revolve around Stalin wanting a wedge of cheese from a certain deli or something, and people have to scramble to get it, who cares what happens. Maybe like a slapstick shadowrun vibe with a sprinkling of 1984 to it or something.

    Would people be interested in something like this? I think it could be squeezed for a solid year of fun rp with many characters disappearing off of the wiki.

  • The skill list in my head is amazing. Super important skills like:

    • Delegation
    • Bus Throwing
    • Report Writing
    • Knowledge (Stalin's Dietary Allergies)
    • Apologizing Without Accepting Fault
    • Agreeing with the Boss
    • Satisfying Execution Technique

  • @Ghost Don't forget photoshop


    "Meet my son, boss! His name is Joseph."

    And another Joseph.
    Another Joseph.
    Another Joseph.

    EDIT: Corrected Josef to Joseph. Mentioned Mengele earlier. :/

  • On second thought, this idea could also become WORKING A NORMAL ASS JOB IN A NORMAL ASS OFFICE MUX


  • But with more dilbert and assassinations.

  • I was talking with a coworker, and we both think this would work best as a Powered by The Apocalypse convention one shot. I think I'm going to whip up a Stalin's Birthday scenario with the skill list above.

  • Pitcrew

    @SG Could do it as Fiasco?

  • It would be a great Fiasco setting, but I think it would require more work than I want, and in the past, Fiasco hasn't been a great draw at the local con.

  • Pitcrew

    Your title already has it. Paranoia is pretty much that game.

  • @Ghost said in Death of Stalin/Paranoia game:

    On second thought, this idea could also become WORKING A NORMAL ASS JOB IN A NORMAL ASS OFFICE MUX


    For some reason, The Office, but as a MUX, and not 'The Office' sounds amazing.

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