Code request: Jobs archived to SQL, now what?

  • Pitcrew

    So, we've got the lovely job archival thing @Thenomain posted installed. Thanks, @Thenomain! Now what, though? How do we read the archived jobs? I mean... I could whip up a quick forum-style thing and stick it on the site, but that'd be kinda ugly (I'm not a visual person) and would be a minor pain in the ass. OR... I could use whatever the big kids are using. What are the big kids using, though?

    I assume this is some kind of PHP/website-based thing, or (I guess) a softcoded bit to read the database entries as board posts, which I suppose would work, but would be weird. After all, what's the point of putting it in the database if you aren't willing to make it available on the web?

    So, anyone done this? Save me some time and later pain? Thanks in advance!

  • @Thenomain. Really. You need docs!

    Yes; an interface will need to be made available for accessing the archives. (how it was tested without one I'm not sure, but?)

    This can be web-based (please not php) or-- well, you could just do it inside the mush. This would be another set of commands to run queries to retrieve archived job info-- and likely do various types of searches.

    I very strongly recommend using the @query interface for async db queries-- that way you can run them without hanging the game, which is handy for very large/complex queries. It also has the nice result of returning a row at a time with a @trigger-like interface.

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