Dekken, Tuomo, Sidney (a playlist)

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    Hey there! I'm terrible with names, so in case you are too I've thrown in identifying context wherever I could.

    I'm not actively playing anywhere right now, but if you recognize any of my characters I would love if you said hi.

    Dark and Shattered Lands: 2008-2009

    Denian Mellos
    Something something Lawful Neutral bard in Verminasia/Arkane?

    Armageddon: 2011-2013

    the compactly-built dreadlocked man
    Atrium student, Aide to House Borsail

    Dekken was my very first Armageddon character, and he lived two and a half years real-time before I retired him. Two and a half years. Poor immortal bastard.

    Echoes of Albion: 2011

    a lanky, curly-haired man with a lame left arm (or something like that)
    Bard with one good arm who made a lot of embroidered belts

    Haven: 2016-2018

    Tuomo "Tommy" Virtanen
    a lanky, brown-haired young man
    Member of: The Red Gold Society, The Lamplighters, The Synthesis Project

    100% human guy who stumbled in and out of a lot of Deep Plot. I still get wistful about Tommy. I was lucky to play with some great people.

    Cade Torres
    a rangy, hard-jawed teenager with shorn hair
    Academy student

    Tense, sulky Academy student. Accidentally specialized in having conflicting desires around empaths.

    Lane Hawkins
    a freckled, dark-eyed woman with thick, curly hair

    Everyone assumed she was a werewolf, so she got locked up during full moons. Spoilers: she was not actually a werewolf.

    Nikolas Levesque
    a trim, dapper man with bronze hair and full beard
    Member of: The Scions

    German Demigod Veteran. Present at the final battle with Sarkur, was marginally helpful in saving the world.

    Marshall "Mars" Carver-Heinz
    a pale, slim man with dark blue eyes
    Member of: The Vanguard

    A feral, unapologetic Faeborn mess who was occasionally charming.

    Milo Vasquez
    a rangy, hazel-eyed young man with curly blue hair
    Blackfield College student. Member of: The Libertines

    A charming, unapologetic Faeborn mess who was occasionally feral.

    Arx: 2018-2019

    Sidney Whisper
    "Everyone needs something, and I'm very good at being that something."
    Member of: the Whisper House

    Irreverent courtier who spent 90% of his time getting cheerfully drunk with people.

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