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    20 years I've been at this hobby. As a result I've been many people and places and forgotten a lot of them, but here goes. WoD-wise I've tended towards oWoD and werewolves (but not always).

    Tenebrous Isles: Grayson, Fred
    Sheltering Skies: Grayson
    Arx: Raymesin
    GarouMUSH: Wintersbite, Snake
    Stargate: Green
    NOLA: Fred

    Staff bits:
    Aether: Herne
    Aether II
    PokeMUSH Evolutions: Shadow
    Denver: Dark Destiny: Judge Dredd
    Windy City
    Road to Amber
    Dark Spires: Lincoln

    Player bits:
    Spheres: Kreeth
    Aether: WolfEyes (Apisachi), Roxana, Draco (Mongrel slave/gladiator), Mahmut (masochistic Healer), a mute Lirite Atlantean telepath, and a few more.
    Aether II: Ankle-Biter, and the lionfish Atlantean who wore a sari
    PokeMUSH Evolutions: Grayson (Rocket)
    Truelands: Jaymesin
    Haight-Ashbury: Grayson (Garou)
    Tempest: Snake (Garou)
    Denver: Snake (Vampire), Grayson (Psychic), Saint (Consor and Mage), Ivan, Angharad, Eztli, Liz, Silver, Mack (Garou)
    John Wayne's Idaho Garou Game: Grayson (Garou)
    Metro: Astrid, Nasir (Garou)
    Cajun: Rohan (Garou)
    Ephemera: Rohan (Garou)
    The WoD Game set on Hawai'i: Valkyrie (Glass Walker Garou)
    Windy City: Iain, Amalesh (Vampire), James/Grayson (Mortal and Vampire), Jack (Psychic Wererat US Marshall... from England), Frank (Wereleopard), Hassan (Were-honeybadger, because why not)
    The Anitaverse Game in Las Vegas: Grayson (Vampire)
    The Anitaverse Game in New Orleans: James (Wereleopard)
    Ataru's Star Wars Jedi Game: Karinye
    Haunted Memories: Hans (Uratha)
    St Petersburg: Vasili (Uratha)
    One of the Dark Waters: Snake (Uratha)
    Road to Amber: Jaymesin, Cefyn, Jean, Roxana
    Dark Spires: Grayson, Snake, Cefyn
    From the Ashes (Detroit): Grayson, Fred
    Arx: Dycard I
    Gray Harbor: Raymond

  • @Grayson I still fondly remember Astrid and my character walking randomly into that bar on Metro and scaring the hell out of everyone through their obviously murderous presence before having an amiable conversation with one of the locals about how to find and murder vampires.

    Edit: For context, two scarred up, high Rage Get of Fenris lupus Garou in human form wander into a Kuei-jin bar. Enough people in the crowd had the powers to tell what they were that there was some significant freak out about if they had been 'found' or if some kind of murder fest was about to begin.

    So one guy actually came over and chatted with them before feeding them information about vampires he particularly disliked and wanted removed.

  • Pitcrew

    Raymesin is the best. waves hi from Evaristo

  • Tutorialist

    Belatedly: Still miss Amalesh sometimes. Best character to RP with! <3

  • Pitcrew

    Adora always appreciated Raymesin because he wasn't chatty!

  • Pitcrew

    Evaristo also appreciates Raymesin because he isn't chatty. Means he can talk endlessly. Of course, Raymesin has managed to make Evaristo be quiet. There was a knife involved and some not so veiled threats of violence...

    Best of times!

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