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    Hey folks!

    I'm going to New York for the first time, in a few weeks, so I thought I'd ask if you all have any recommendations about places to see, eat, enjoy, etc.

    Or places to avoid!

    Etc :)

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    What kind of food do you like and what kinds of things do you like to do?

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    Food: Open to trying most things, though not a huge fan of seafood or super-hot spicy things. Particular likes include lamb and pork dishes (though I'm given to understand that lamb isn't very common in the US?), Italian food, and carbs in pretty much any form.

    Things: Interactive attractions, things like museums/science places with hands-on displays/shows. The American Natural History Museum is on my existing very short list. Not so much a fan of places you go to just look at stuff without learning about it.

  • @Vixanic Meske. Ethiopian restaurant. Some hot dishes, some not. And they do serve lamb. If you love sourdough bread, you'll love injera. 468 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

    Also, Broadway shows. Lion King. Book of Mormon. Wicked. Avenue Q. Chicago.

    Oh, also the Creperie NYC. Sweet or savory crepes. Wonderful place. 112 Macdougal St, New York, NY 10012

    Turkuaz. Very good Turkish food. 310 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019

    Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. Just so you can say you've been there. 61 Grove St, New York City, NY 10014-3418

    It's right near the Stonewall Inn and Marie's Crisis, a piano bar that plays lots of show tunes.

  • American Natural History Museum. Because dioramas.
    Like books? The Public Library -- if the weather's nice -- Bryant Park.
    Love books? Go to the Strand.
    Love Asian books? Go to Kinokuniya
    The Tenement Museum on the LES.
    Gulliver's Gate.
    St. Patrick's Cathedral.
    Grand Central Terminal -- for the people-watching.
    The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

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    Knishes and real bagels if you love carbs. :)

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    The museum of natural history is STUNNING and I love it to pieces.

  • I like the Met.

    Avoid the traps, like the Empire State Building.

    See musicals, especially the ones not touring, like Aladdin. If you can get into Hamilton, go for it, but you may be able to catch a touring show.

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    @silverfox check this thread out too for reasons and things

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    I am totally stalking.

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    • Petee's Pie Company has, as you might guess, ridiculously good pie.
    • Colina Cuervo was a regular brunch spot for me when I lived in the area. If you're just touristing in Manhattan, it might be a bit too out of the way. (It's in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.)
    • The fish tacos at Dorado Tacos were an obsession of mine for a bit when I had a class in the area.
    • Sugar Sweet Sunshine have some of my favorite cupcakes.
    • Ippudo lives up to the hype for me personally if you go for the Akamaru Modern ramen, which is out of this world. HOWEVER, lines here get CRAZY. There are two locations, and one up in Hell's Kitchen (Ippudo Westside) was a bit less crazy when it opened, but I imagine it's caught on since then. If you're solo, you'll have a MUCH easier time of them squeezing you in immediately or with just a few minutes wait. If you wanna try for it, I'd suggest early or late dinner to miss the biggest rush.


    • Hadestown is gonna be the show to beat at the Tonys this year, and it's regularly discounted right now at the TKTS Booth. Folky singer-songwriter-esque reimagining of the Orpheus and Eurydice story.
    • My Fair Lady is top tier classic musical theatre done lushly and beautifully.
    • Oklahoma! is a stripped down reimagining of the classic that transferred from a very respected Off-Broadway company.
    • Be More Chill is a show people tend to either love or hate; you'll probably know fairly quickly if you give a listen to some of the songs. It got to Broadway on the back of a serious and surprise cult following.
    • Tootsie is a brand new musical adaptation of the movie starring one of my ABSOLUTE FAVS, Santino Fontana.

    A lot of my consumption of FUN in NYC was performing arts, so, uh, I'm a bit biased in that direction.

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    I second Meske.

    I am also a fan of the Frick Collection, but that is very much a "go stare at art you do not touch" museum.

    One of the reasons I recommend the Frick is because they have a stunning collection of lesser-known paintings by some of the most recognizable names in art history (Rembrandt, Vermeer, Whistler, Titian, Rubens, de Goya, David, El Greco), but the museum is much smaller and less crowded than the larger and more well-known NYC art museums. So if you do want to hit one up, it's pretty solid.

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    The Museum of Natural History, yes, forever and ever, amen. Always worth it. Be sure to go visit the Titanosaur where he meets you in the hallway on the fourth floor, but maybe save that part of the building for near the end of the day. (Visiting groups like to crowd the top floor and move downstairs, so it is sometimes easier to dodge traffic if you start downstairs and make your way up.)

    The giftshop/bookstore is full of pricey stuff, but the book selection is exceptionally good... especially if you're marking down ISBN numbers to do things like get books on Interlibrary Loan. <.<

    Edited to Add: The New York Hall of Science may also be worth going to see. I haven't been there yet, myself, but it certainly gets high enough marks to host the World Maker Faire every year. Would recommend, sight unseen (aside from web page material).

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    You guys are awesome, thank you very much for all the recommendations!

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    When I went I loved the Rockefeller Tour because they took us through some really interesting art.

    A bit more of a 'your budget and interest may vary' thing, but if you like theatre, I would highly highly recommend Sleep No More if walking around a converted warehouse with hundreds of things to discover while film noir Macbeth happens around you is your thing (no description I can give will do it justice)

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