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  • I've actually started to forget all the PCs I've played over the years. Or in some cases, the MU themselves. The running gag in recent memory is naming my PCs with L names.

    Edit: I keep making errors. I'm old guys.

    WORA: Arcosanti

    Kushiel's Debut:
    Leo - Duc Rousillon, Decadent Deviant

    Terre d'Ange
    Donato - Caerdicci Noble... uh, Deviant by Virtue of Not Being d'Angeline

    Fading Suns: Star Crusade:
    Lyov - Decados Viscount, Viscount Auberry, Decadent Deviant

    Fading Suns:
    Caius - Hawkwood Baron, Ruler of Sheva, Closet Republican
    Leo - Gunslinging Closet Hawkwood

    Haunted Memories:
    Leon/Valent - Mad Architect of the Monolith
    Legion - Multiple Personality Rotgrafen

    St. Petersburg:
    Lyov - Taifa Gangrel Invictus Miscreant

    The Reach:
    Leo - Secret Kallisti Sworn of the Axe
    Haakon - Political Rotgrafen Viking Pirate

    5th World:
    Cid Lothario Orelle - Mad Scientist, 27th in Line of Succession

    Corporate Expanse:
    Ryan - Drunk Mercenary

    Cyril - Drunk Aesir

    Aether II:
    Valerian - Bureaucrat on the Aesir Side

    Aether Odyssey:
    Valens - Bad-Ass Aesir Soldier

    I don't remember


  • Pitcrew

    Aw! Legion/Leo! I remember both characters, super fun RP and you were always super chill OOC. Nice to see you again!

  • Pitcrew

    @Apollonius :shoves:

    That is all.

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