Intersectional MU* Community

  • What's Intersectionality?

    Intersectionality is a modern, socially progressive theory that seeks to explore the ways in which sociopolitical and economic axes of power intersect to create multifaceted hierarchal structures: across the spectrums of sex, gender, ethnicity, nationality, age, health, ability, income and more; and the ways in which these structures contribute to socioeconomic advantages and disadvantages. As a practice, it seeks to empower marginalised communities and their most vulnerable members — who may be disadvantaged across more than one axiom — in order to achieve a more just, safe, equal and empathic society for all.

    What's this got to do with gaming?

    Members of disadvantaged groups often experience harassment and discrimination online, within their recreational communities, just as they do in the real world and in more consequential settings. In attempting to socialise with strangers online, they may be met with a taxing lack of empathy regarding their real life circumstances or feel dehumanised for their identity, which can harm their ability to form relationships with other players in the hobby. This too can have an impact on one's sense of wellbeing, particularly as recreational spheres are often used as tools for escape where individuals prefer not to be exposed to negative social interactions. In a story-driven environment, this can have an impact on the kinds of stories they can or want to tell, regarding characters that they feel best represent them.

    Enter the InterSect.

    On the 12th of March, 2019, the InterSect was created with the aim of providing a positive, empowering community for intersectional advocates, gamers, writers, creators and roleplayers who enjoy MUDs, MUSH, RPI, play-by-post forums and other text-based, storytelling-driven online media.

    You do not have to identify as a member of any marginalised group in order to take part in this community. You just have to identify with our shared humanity, and see the benefit of a group that aspires towards inclusion and empathy across the broad spectrum of human identities and experiences.

    We aim to foster a more welcoming environment within the games we play and collaborative stories we write, for those most commonly targeted by harassment and identity-based dehumanisation. We help to connect players in various games with partners they can trust to be respectful and supportive, as well as offering a safer, kinder OOC hangout.

    To join, you must be invited and vouched for by an existing member. We aim to expand through word of mouth referral.

    If you feel this community is right for you, please send me a message on MSB. Any member of our community who feels comfortable doing so may also advertise themselves as a referral contact.

    Because such communities are often targets for harassment, and the concern that bad actors may join in ill faith is well-founded, we ask for understanding if we can't yet find a community member to vouch for you, or if we can't gauge a sense of your online presence. We aim to keep the InterSect safe and worthy of its members' trust as a first priority; the more we grow over time, the more accessible we will become. We thank you for being patient with us.

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