• Preemptively, before the Hog Pit kills us.

    402 represent.

    I'm from the era when Ak-Sar-Ben hosted concerts and the Lancers, saw Manson and Gwar at the Ranch Bowl, and am relieved as hell that Sokol is still playing shows.

    Good to know there's people from the banks of the muddy river around here.

  • @Ghost Heh, good call.

    Omaha, somewhere in the middle of America.

    For the record, Seger isn't singing about the area (for those not from the 402). East of Omaha is Iowa, so that song doesn't count as representation.

    ETA: For those living outside, 531 is used enough these days that my delivery folks text and call from it more now. So if I'm filtering by area code I have to watch for 531 now. I've been getting 605's for some reason to from DoorDash,

  • Pitcrew

    I saw the title of the thread and thought it was about Peyton Manning's playcalling.

  • I live near Omaha in Iowa (south of Council Bluffs). Honestly not for much longer, though, hopefully. If I have to live through another winter like this, I might drive into the river. Assuming my goddamned car will start in the cold.

  • @PuppyBreath the lone deserted highway east of Omaha, not so deserted with all the people trying to get out of the city on weekends ing Loess hills for recreation or wineries. This was a crazy winter, I still use a shovel and got a his five foot pile at the end of the driveway this year.

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