Long Halloween - Beta

  • A white moon crests over the bogs past the Gotham River, its pale corpse light shining over the rushing waters. The mists of the cemetaries near Wayne Manor are resplendent with the voices of infernalists worshipping the night, bats flapping through the rafters in abandoned churches in nearby Gotham City. Shouts and screams echo from the Narrows, that dark place Arkham Asylum, laughter puking out of the bowels of the maximum incarceration block. Glittering skylines hide wealth and industry, but the streets tell the story of human sacrifices by gangsters in the name of anguished madness.

    Rum runs through the gutters and blood pumps through the veins of thieves, the Court of the Owls rising up the service of demons to chain them. Above all of it, an idol, a myth, a legend, an icon, the Batman. The dark spectre silhouetted out across the rest of the world, the one man to fight the darkness with the angels of Gotham City, he as a God.

    The chosen sons and daughters of Gotham City, the freaks, challenge God and his Highest, the Dark Knight and his pupils. The tribal warlords of the common thug riot in the streets, and every so often, Ba'al can be seen riding his chariot above the thrushing Atlantic Ocean, wearing a red cape and an 'S' on his chest.

    This is Gotham City, the place of idols and demons. Long Halloween MUSH features a unique combat system with custom rooms, advancement points, and branching metapower trees. The MUSH offers a unique form of criminal profiling available if one chooses, to sharpen their Batman experience along the lines of a masquerade in the criminal world, where one's character is a mask looking back at them, as they galavant through the challenges of living in the world's last Living Hell.

    This is Long Halloween MUSH, the longest year you'll ever live through.

    We are now open for Beta. portent.genesismuds.com:2077.

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  • The combat system has undergone a rehaul, lending more flexibility, faster fights, and better strategy implementation to the system.

    I am now recruiting theme staffers for the MUSH, if any of you want to write theme. The theme is, again, an occult version of Batman, focusing on theological concepts inside Gotham City's mythos. It is a small MUSH, with a trio of experimental systems. The combat system, the metapowers tracking system, and the territory addition system.

    If you're interested, log a character in and @mail me.

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