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  • Empire State Heroes is now open!

    New York City is in the midst of a period of rebuilding, growth, and exploration, after an attack on the United Nations some four years earlier damaged a large swath of the city from Brooklyn to Harlem during the height of political turmoil over the Registration of Powered Persons. World Unification has become a real possibility as nations argue the pros and cons of a potential World Government. Several superhero organizations are recognized by not only the U.N. but multiple national governments. Knowledge of life on other planets and from other dimensions is beginning to be broadly known public knowledge. From neighborhoods to the skies, people both powered and otherwise are finding the world becoming a much smaller place, with new challenges to face.

    ESH is a superhero game based in the Marvel Universe which embraces characters from a number of different sources including Marvel, DC, and beyond. Non-Marvel sources need to be adapted into the Marvel Universe. We are a non-canon game that allows both Media and Original characters to coexist. We are happy to help players adapt characters to our setting.

    We are an open +sheet game which uses descriptive traits to define how characters interact with one another and we depend on players to engage in consensual storytelling in order to create the collaborative fiction that is our world. Character growth is story-driven.

    We officially opened on March 1st, 2019.

    Come visit our wiki at: http://empirestateheroes.wikidot.com/
    Or log on at esh.mugames.org port 7000

    A thread in Constructive Criticism to discuss the game is here: https://musoapbox.net/topic/2658/empire-state-heroes-mush

  • So, a bit of an update. It's been not quite 3 weeks. We have 57 approved characters of which 20 are original characters. We've also added 2 plot staff since games, especially supers, thrive on active stories being run.

    Players are still limited to only 1 media character so there's still many popular ones to choose from. That changes on 4/1 when we open up a second MC slot so many will be snapped up then.

  • We've now been open one month. We have 66 approved characters, 23 of which are original characters. In 15 hours, the limit of 1 media character goes away so the approved character count should increase a fair amount as people add another alt, thus increasing the diversity of characters and RP opportunities.

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