10 Ravine

  • Two years ago, Detroit was rocked by a biochemical attack. This attack decimated a third of the already struggling population. Of those that survived, a quarter came out altered. Their features changed, their limbs deformed. Altered humans that have slowly become second class citizens. Now, unaffected persons are presenting with a new virus that originated from the incident. However, a spark of hope was ignited as a powered altered human arose to combat criminals. But as the spark began, it was nearly extinguished when a similar subject went on a rampage and killed a dozen humans before being put down.

    This is the world of 10 Ravine, a combination urban fantasy/superhero genre game. Players take on powered human personas, as much a curse as it is a gift. If they don't use their abilities, they become melancholic and removed from humans. Continued apathy or overuse of the power and one could become consumed by the power, turning into a mindless vehicle of destruction. Players play characters trying to maintain this balance of the gift versus the curse.

    We are slowly opening for soft beta. We are sure there are bugs to work out. As well, we utilize FS3 (older version, not on Ares) and have modified combat to work for super level characters, this may need adjusting. Note we are a US daytime-centric game, plots on the meta level will occur during this time. We will welcome interested storytellers as we progress to expand this beyond this time frame, but this time frame will be a heavy focus of staff time.

    If this sounds interesting, please visit our site: http://10ravine.wikidot.com
    Or point your favorite client to: arthur.silvertree.org:1338
    There is a web-client on the website.

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