• -- i am about to stream some House Flipper. If you guys want to pop in and follow, you can become leader of the decepticons and help me out a lot. need to get to 50 followers.

    also if you just want to watch me stream games whenever!

  • I stream as well, but have gotten to the point where I actively tell people on Twitter and in my stream title to go watch someone else.

  • Pitcrew

    FWIW, I'll watch anyone here on Twitch.

  • I stream as well, mostly LoTRO and TESO game play but sometimes, when I'm really bored, I stream my Evennia game development sessions. I do it strictly for fun, I have no interest in making money off it.

  • Will you stream MU shenanigans?

  • I'm an affiliate but currently the money I get goes to more games to stream. Would like to be a partner someday, but doubt it will happen.

  • I will be streaming again as soon as I can resolve the computer issues.

  • Pitcrew

    I'm streaming Dead by Daylight regularly if anyone wants to drop in!

  • @OldFrightful What platform?

  • Admin

    Something really weird happened today.

    So I use Twitch for just one reason: Updating my WoW addons to their newest version. That's it - I don't stream, I don't chat (and pretty much literally never have), I've got a zero social footprint on that network.

    This morning I got an e-mail from Twitch saying they're suspending my account for "Harassment, Scams, or Other Malicious Content". I've no idea what this means but when I try to access its contact support page it doesn't load from either my phone or laptop at work (which are on different networks), so maybe this is part of something else.

    I wouldn't even care since I can create a bonus new account just to continue updating addons but I don't like being accussed of scamming or harassing anyone, and it's also making me curious since I've never interacted with anyone through Twitch's entire platform in the first place.

  • I'd check haveibeenpwnd just in case. but it could be your user name is similar to someone else's and they got reported, but someone typed in the name rather than from your Twitch page.

  • They have just opened up the third affiliate tier 1 emoticon, I just need the sub points. So if you have Prime, and are not already subbed to anyone, please consider subbing to me for the month. I've been doing a lot of Twitch Sings lately, starting next week it's going to be Mon - Weds Other games, Thurs - Sat Twitch Sings, if that's your thing, but if you never watch so long as I get those emoticon slots! >.>

    Twitch Link

    Also when I get 500 followers I will either just sing Never Gonna Give You Up for the whole stream, or play games with spiders in them, for every 500 after that.

  • I really need to look into Twitch chicanery. Bloop.

    Edit because I can't spell.

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