Fallout: Montreal Beta

  • It’s all about resources. Regardless of our expanse and how much we develop as a species, nothing will ever replace the pure, primal need for resources to sustain ourselves. From wars, to compromise, politics to takeovers, the country of Canada was officially annexed into the United States in the year 2076. With the complete military occupation of the consumed northern states, some believed that the bombs that dropped just one year later were a god-send. Two hundred years have passed since the mass nuclear attack. Now, it’s all about survival.

    Welcome to Fallout – Montreal. Here, you’re invited to play a survivor, living day to day in the vast, frozen Northern Wastes. Will you be a descendant of the original Canadians who had to deal with the hostile takeover of their lands? Will be you a new settler, wandering the wastes in search of stability and a place to call home? Will you be a cut-throat Raider, who takes what they need and want whenever they please? The Wastes are wild, weird, and crawling with opportunities.

    You are one of humanity's last hopes to reclaim the earth and your place in it.
    The world is your neon glowing oyster.

    mushhaven.com Port: 2077

    Fallout: Montreal is now open for BETA. Please be sure to check out our wiki at http://fallout-montreal.tk/index.php/Main_Page, and to join our Discord to stay up to date.

    A few things to note due to our Beta phase: We are not complete with this game whatsoever. A majority of basics are set in place, and we encourage people to join in, chat, get your ideas rolling, and even use the Anywhere Rooms for RP should you feel the desire to. RL has not been kind to our Staff, but we strive to continue updating the game until it’s in full functioning, working order. All we ask is for your patience during this process.

    We hope to game with you, and work with you, to make this the best Fallout game we can possibly run for our players.

  • ALSO ALSO - Still keen and interested in people who'd be willing to aid players on the more Stateside and Euro time-zones.

    These people will not have to handle anything officially if that is not their comfort level. All we're asking is for greeters and friendly faces who can direct players to where they need to go, answer questions if they can, or advise them to drop us a line directly.

  • Hello everyone! Boy, it's been a slog and I cannot apologize enough for the numerous delays. With a new job in my pocket, I won't personally be able to be Head Staff on Fallout, but I'm always willing to help.

    That being said, I'd like to post the latest update/message here from Mushu.

    ******News from the Wasteland! Shortly we'll be opening for a 'True Beta' after the unexpected delays of RL that have hit coder and staffer alike!

    What does this mean?
    We will be opening up CG properly to let players go through and be approved, commence RP and almost certainly help us spot issues and coding stuff, as well as hopefully have some awesome fun and start some plots!
    We are not yet advertising on other mushes, as we are still finding our first wave of testing how some things work, nor do we have an advertisement set up, but once things are running smoothly and have some traction we intend to do so.

    Things to keep in mind:
    This is a 'Beta', some things will not be neat and some things are a work in progress, but they are at a stage where we are happy for people to start playing and building both plots and our world.

    Staff are here to support you, but at the moment we are still recruiting for more US day hours staff to help out. Staff such as myself will be monitoring via mobile when able, but may take time to respond and thus we greatly encourage the use of +req and @mail as appropriate. EST Evenings may be the best time to speak to staff directly.

    THE WIKI! - Most of our info, items, advice, policies and our CG guide are all to be found on the Wiki. It greatly helps you in looking up all our perks, backgrounds, equipment and more!

    Talk to us! We're here on Discord and the Mush likewise, if you're looking for help and support, we will eagerly try to help!******

    Please note contact can still be made here via PMing me, or by joining the Discord channel.

  • Hey guys. It's with a heavy heart that I have to inform you all that Fallout will be put on pause indefinitely. With life being how it is for us, we're unable at this time to fully support and active player base and give them all the time and effort they deserve. We'll be locking the door to the game itself within the week, but we plan on keeping all our work thus far in hopes of opening up sometime in the future.

    I'm not sure when that day will be, if ever, but the thought is there. We love the project, and we apologize for not being able to make it last longer than a few stints of life-support.

    Thank you all for your amazing support for the project/game.

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