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    I normally don't like signal boosting my own things, preferring to get the word out for my friends who have hit hard times, but I'm really in a bind and need help.

    Last fall I started streaming to try and bring extra money in because my family and I have fallen on hard times. I made affiliate on Twitch in September and have been trying to stream to help my family out. It's been a bit slow going but I've had a blast making new friends and being entertaining at the same time I am being my crazy self.

    Within the last month, my computer has been increasingly problematic. Lots of hard locking, with that happening when I'm doing nothing but trying to navigate the net, now. With little to no expendable funds, saving up for a computer would take forever, and we're already feeling the strain of the loss of even that small amount of money. At the suggestion of my friend, I set up a GFM page - - to try and get help. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, even getting this out there more would be a great help. Thank you in advance for any help and support. <3

  • Pitcrew

    @TiredEwok Here's my bit of advice for your parts list that might allow you to save some money.

    Firstly, I wouldn't suggest the RTX. Despite what Nvidia says, ray-tracing absolutely blows on anything that's not an RTX 2080 ti, and even then, it's not that fantastic. You're basically paying for something that you may never use, is only on a handful of games, and won't even be utilized well on the card you do buy.

    You might save more money by just opting for a GTX 1070 ti. You can check the benchmarks if you want, but personally, I think you might get more out of it for less.

    If you're looking for a decent AMD motherboard, I'd suggest a MSI B350 Tomahawk. It's dropped in price recently and does well for what you need it to do. Not sure how it'd do streaming though. The biggest drawback is that it only has four SATA ports, which I would've preferred 6.

    The ATX mid tower Thermaltake Core V31 may not be the prettiest case ever, but it's about 30 bucks cheaper than the one you got listed and it works exactly for what you need it for. It's the case I use, and I always recommend it to people who may not be able to toss out cash for some monolithic(but super pretty)Corsair case.

    I thought about making some commentary on the amount of RAM you want to buy, but this is also for streaming, so while I can't find much use for my 2x8 GB, that might not be the case for someone who streams needing 2x16.

    I hope you're able to get back into streaming soon with whatever rig and setup you choose, but I thought to give some advice after doing a number of builds and looking into doing another one soon.

  • @Testament

    The reason I went with the hardware I did was to try and make it so it'd be a long while before I'd have to upgrade/replace, if possible, and also wanted to try and get as much bang out of everything i can. But I will definitely give everything a look and all that. Thanks for the advice. :)

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