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  • Hey folks. Update Time!

    So, since this is getting a new thread under the game's new name, I'll mention for those who might not know we're the successor to Marvel 1963+. Which is not to say we're continuing the game but rather after M63 so suddenly and tragically closed, we decided to start something new.

    We're opening March 1st. It's possible we might open before that but 3/1 is definite. (Being definite gives us a reason to move our asses on the last little things we might have been putting off.) As of right now, you're welcome to log on to the site; the address is at the bottom of the page along with the wiki address. Before you pcreate from the login screen, keep reading.

    As mentioned, M63 closed its doors before its time and with no warning, so for the sake of the former players, we're going to be doing this:

    Any former player who had one or more MCs when M63 closed may request to claim one of those MCs. Any other MCs outside of that primary will become open for others to app, so choose the one that you want to play the most.

    As MCs get reserved, staff will post to the announcement board so everyone knows it's taken. We'll also post the MCs from the same alt group that are now open to be claimed. Any player, new or old, can claim an MC that has opened up. They can also claim any MC that is not listed as 'Currently Played' on M63's cast list: http://www.marvel-1963.com/cast. A former player who claims an MC that was not being played when M63 closed, opens up all those alts.

    Example: Player A was playing Daredevil, Cyclops, and Iron Man on M63 when it closed. Player A decides to reserve Iron Man. Daredevil and Cyclops are now open. Player B, who might have played on M63 or not, decides he wants to play Daredevil. Daredevil is now closed, Cyclops is still open till someone claims it. Player C played Black Widow and Thor but decides to reserve Cyclops. Cyclops is now claimed but Black Widow and Thor are open.

    So if you want to log on, please go here: http://empirestateheroes.wikidot.com/character-claim and see if the character is open. Also check the M63 'currently played' cast list. Anyone NOT on that list and not on ESH's claimed list is available.

    Former players will have until opening day on 03/01/2019 to reserve a former character (or replace one). On opening day, all remaining MCs will be open to be claimed by anyone. Original Characters from M63 may be modernized and recreated without restrictions.

    To start, we're only allowing one MC alt and at this moment, we haven't decided how long it'll be till we open second MC alts, let alone more. We want to give everyone a chance to get one of their favorite MCs before all the popular ones get snapped up.


    We'll make an actual ad thread once we're closer to opening. This is for Q&A as well as disseminating info.

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    Do we only get one MC? I'm a little confused.

  • @Kaiju To start with, one MC. We'll be opening up second alt slots once we decide how long to wait and then eventually third and, I think, fourth. We just don't want all the most popular being snapped up immediately so that everyone can hopefully get their first (or second or third) choice to play.

  • So, small edit to the main post and I wanted to make sure anyone who read it previously sees the change.

    We're now posting the claimed list and the available list on the wiki. We also link to the M63 cast list. You're welcome to pcreate as an MC if:

    1. The character is listed as available on http://empirestateheroes.wikidot.com/character-claim and

    2. The character is not listed under 'currently played' on http://www.marvel-1963.com/cast.

    The first page supersedes the second so even though M63's page lists Dr. Strange as being played, Empire's shows him as available. The former player picked a different alt to start with and made Strange available.

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    EDIT: Sorry, I didn't see the post right above saying pcreate is okay as long as the character isn't claimed or currently played.

  • Might want a brief description of the setting, what sort of game system is in place, etc. For new people.

  • @Misadventure said in Empire State Heroes Mush:

    Might want a brief description of the setting, what sort of game system is in place, etc. For new people.

    True. This is a modern day supers games set in 2019 NYC. We use traits and no actual game system. We're good with people just C&Ping power descriptions from a wikia and linking to the page they used as a reference.

    While the universe is Marvel, we do accept media characters from any publisher so long as they are adapted to the Marvel universe and the Marvel power level which is, in general, lower than that of DC. We'll be happy to help anyone do that if they're unsure of what needs adapting. And now a blurb from the wiki page:

    New York City sits poised on the cusp of a period of rebirth, renewal, exploration, and growth as it takes the spotlight on a global stage. Our game begins in 2019, in a period of rebuilding after a series of attacks on the United Nations left a large section of the city devastated. The United Nations is in a period of rebuilding. Superhero factions are working to regroup, and are working to regain and strengthen government recognition on a global stage.

    Globalism has become a very real possibility as nations all over the world argue the pros and cons of establishing a Global government, recognizing the need to represent the entire planet in an ever-expanding world where an alien presence is very real. In orbit, a space station is being built as a point of entry for those coming in from off-world, both for security and diplomatic purposes.

    From the neighborhood to the skies, people both powered and otherwise are finding the world becoming a much smaller place, and all will be called upon to aid in issuing the world toward this new future.

    And just because I know they're popular with some people, we're quite happy to have Legion characters and have anticipated them having a presence on the game since several had apped on M63 not too long before the game ended.

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    And can OCs from 69 just jump in or?

  • @Macha said in Empire State Heroes Mush:

    And can OCs from 69 just jump in or?

    There are no restrictions on OCs. If you played one on M63, feel free to play it here too. Just modernize it so it fits into the time period.

  • Update.

    We're on track to open 3/1. I think it's safe to say that is a firm date.

    There are now 24 MCs claimed and only 13 reserved. When we open, any still on the reserved list become available. You can see the lists here:


    A list of restricted and banned characters/powers is here:


    We also have somewhere between 5-10 OCs created so that's about 30 actual players so far. There were several Legion characters on M63 when it shut so we're coming up with a reason why they are now stranded in our century. It won't be an in depth reason given it's irrelevant to the actual game (but slightly more than hand wavium) but it provides a backdrop to explaining how/why they're here and acknowledged.

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    @TNP I hope this won't come across as a nitpicky question, but: can you give some more examples of characters who would be disqualified for "very strong spellcasting ability"? I ask only because there are a handful of already claimed characters who I would have thought would be over that line.

  • @Autumn Not nitpicky. As mentioned, Dr. Fate. That's a carry over from M63 actually. Someone wanted to app him but trying to fit him into Marvel just didn't work to anyone's satisfaction.

    By definition, the Sorcerer Supreme is (more or less) the ultimate spellcaster of his/her 'generation'. Powering Fate down just didn't work. Who else? The Spectre for certain. It mostly applies to DC who aren't written for the Marvel universe.

  • So, update. We'll definitely be open on 3/1. Though for all intents and purposes, we're kind of open now. 36 claimed MCs. 25 approved characters, 7 of which are OCs. There's only 10 reserved characters left, all of which will open up on 3/1.

  • We're down. Will post when we're back up.

  • Update: Dreamhost broke their own server. Which is to say, there's nothing we can do about it and the game will be up as soon as the hosting company fixes whatever it is they broke.

  • Update:

    Dreamhost is still down. But because we like you guys, Clock reinstalled on a new host. It'll take a little bit for the DNS to propagate but the numeric address is: : 7000.

    We're open for business once again.

  • The address that TNP posted is the new permanent home of the game and the DNS should be working at this point: esh.mugames.org 7000

    The old database is also back up on the old server, in case anyone lost stuff from the 2nd and would like to recover it and move it to the new database. (If you need help, hit me up on the game and I will help move things.)

    The old database is up at: port 7000


  • Consistency is a good policy to have. Playing favorites with who is allowed to bypass written policy is not a good look for any game. Responding to players pointing that out with sheer cattiness is even worse. Especially when it is something that is trivial, does not hurt, dilute, or detract from theme in any way. It almost seems like an outright attack against a player for nothing other than existing.

  • My spider-senses detect a hot scoop for the Daily Bugle.

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    Oh.... dish me some dirt, you! DM if you'd like!

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