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    I figured that my first post as a still-mostly-lurker should be this. So... hi!

    Wheel of Time MU*s + Crossroads

    This is only some of them, but they're the names most would have known me by, especially considering I reused two of them on other games:

    • Sorin <- first ever char there; Asha'man with the laughably bad background.
    • Aevar
    • Korin
    • Svoran (cough)
    • Jaeden

    The Fifth World

    • Jor
      The interesting thing about Jor (to me) was that he was meant to be character research, in terms of personal writing projects, and is perhaps the only character I've made where what I started play with completely diverged from the outlining of who he was in terms of behavior. (A few of my characters, particularly Svoran, were made so that I could figure out just how they think about various circumstances. I hit a snag on them for a long time, and MU*ing ironically made it even harder to nail them down. One day, I hope to publish the real versions of all three; Jaeden would be the first anyone "really" meets, if I do.)

    Kushiel's Debut

    • Piers
      Piers was probably secretly planning to assassinate you instead of flog you... if I had ever got his +sheet to have a chance at successfully doing so without discovery. >.> Yes, he really was CG'd as an assassin. No, I never really did any of that in game. I told myself when I created Piers that I was not going to even think of an IC murder until his +sheet could at least handle stealth. Then I went inactive for a time and that basically sealed the deal there because of the time investiture to get him to that point was more than I had available.

    Eternal Crusade

    • Anjin
      To this day, I'm still not sure how I came up with the quirk of preferring written speech to vocal speech, in addition to trying for a "one word response" when possible. To this day, the concept behind Anjin's mannerisms still resonates with me, that I'm probably going to try a variation in another character in the future.


    • Bhandn
      All I'm going to say is, this is arguably the most incomplete CG I have ever done, on purpose. >.> (I submitted about 50% of what I actually wrote up for him. There are about two or three craters in his background.) He's also the oldest character I've really played in earnest. I'm not sure how to do male menopause though, because I still have about thirteen years to catch up to Bhandn in age myself. It can't be too hard... right?!

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    I really enjoyed playing with you! I was Emma. Glad to see you're still around.

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    @dvoraen said in dvoraen's Playlist:


    "Asha'man... kill!"

    Shit still gives me the shivers.

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    @Sunny I'm going to have to dig through my logs, because it's been so long I only vaguely remember details at this point (thanks memory). I have this mental image that I think was her char picture you chose. How many years has it been? O.o

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    @dvoraen Did your brother play with you on the WoT games?

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    Hahaha. Don't sweat it, I only vaguely remember details, too. I do remember that Piers drove. Emma. Crazy. Like really really crazy. But in a fun-for-me way so it was good.

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    @WildBaboons Negative. Just me, myself and I that live in my head. No literal or adopted siblings MU*'d with me.

    @Sunny >:)

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    @dvoraen maybe have you mistaken for someone else.. did you play on Tarmon Gaidon or Patterns of an Age?

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    @WildBaboons Not to my recollection.

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    Hah. I remember Svoran.

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    @juke orly

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    Caved and added my Arx char. I'm throwing myself to the vultures here. Keep in mind that feeding on my guts and other organs runs the risk of indigestion and/or the consumption of my acidic, soda-filled blood (i.e. - it's pretty toxic). xoxo

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    Okay my vicious vulture comment is...

    ...you don't need to brood on channels all the time.

  • Azorious Senate?

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    @Saulot said in dvoraen's Playlist:

    Azorious Senate?

    Indeed! It's a symptom of my work mentality: DO IT PROPERLY, PEOPLE. :| It's also what I tend to like playing color-wise in MtG (when I'm in the mood to play MtG), so it's a 2-for-1 significance really. Plus, I like the Azorius symbol and the fact it's actually called the Maze of Azorius.

    @Roz I mean, you're not wrong, but there is a method to the silent madness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0zNyv_WdH0&feature=youtu.be&t=13844

  • @dvoraen :shoves:

    That is all.

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