Fuck you, Corporate America!

  • http://www.click2houston.com/news/livingston-community-upset-over-walmart-closing/32352214

    Let me preface this by saying I don't frequent this particular location regularly but there's some history there. Some years ago Livingston, Texas was a large retirement community that had a lot of small mom and pop style businesses run by retirees and their extended families. I used to go fishing there with my family every few months. It was part of my childhood.

    Wal-Mart moved in and they held little rallies and cheered every time they got news of another one closing as they ran them out of business, one by one.

    A decade or two later and its basically the only place to buy anything in the town. It employs 422 people. The community relies on it for its survival.

    All of a sudden with no warning to anyone whatsoever they decide to close for 6 months. They literally told them a few hours before closing. 'By the way, you're out of a job.' No severance no nothing.

    Fuck you, Wal-Mart.

  • Pitcrew

    That's how they operate. One day they'll get theirs, but it might take a generation or two before something comes along to bust their business policy of "it's a department store! But as shitty a one as possible!" right in the teeth.

  • As they say, corporations are people. People without souls, so what do you expect? It's not like you won't need those same things in 6 months and they will be back in business.

  • I hate Walmart as much as the next person, I really do, but this sounds like a self-inflicted wound. There were options for the community when Walmart first rolled in, and the community went with the box store. Do I think Walmart did some really shitty things in this situation? Absolutely, but the community's not exactly smelling of roses either, what with the decision to save a couple bucks on their groceries at the expense of those mom and pop shops.

  • The answer is big picture thinking. Walmart has already done it, and it knows the effect it will have. The people who fall for Walmart, haven't done the work, don't have people to pay to do the work, so they, like most everyone, save a few dollars, and turn around and pay for it in community health costs and loss of local businesses. It is the perfect soulless machine.

  • Livingston is just a small town. I said it. I'm not super sorry. The lake is gross. It exists to give Houston water. (For perspective on my views, I think Galveston is gross and Lake Conroe is also gross. Sacrilege, I know.)

    It's close enough that they can work and then move to other places. That have jobs. Yes, it was a terrible thing but yes, they made their choices. In Porter and New Caney, smaller businesses are thriving in spite of the Walmart. Their Walmart sucks, maybe that helps.

    People live out in the Piney Woods for their own reasons. They seem happy there. My cousins never left and they live in deep east Texas. Houston is all big and scary or whatever.

  • Hey I dislike Livingston too but it's not that simple. It's never that simple. The point is Wal-Mart pulled some really, really shady stuff. (Turns out they haven't even looked into permits to get any 'plumbing' problems fixed and did the same thing in four other locations)

  • Pitcrew

    Wal-Mart is the most Southern of companies.

    Employees? Chattel.

    Product: As shitty as possible. Force competitors out of business so people wind up having to buy it.

    Community: Bullied. Relentlessly.

  • If Target and HEB were open 24 hours, I'd never go to Walmart again.

  • Ditto. Except replace HEB with Publix. No HEB here.

  • All the recent talk of Jews made me spew my drink when I saw HEB.

    Unfortunately, Wal-Mart draws the ignorant and the desperate, which are not in short supply in most of the United States.

  • @Luna Yeah, HEB owns. I love their selection of drinks (Mmm, maine root root beer...).

  • Pitcrew

    Sorry this is likely a stupid question but HEB?

  • http://www.heb.com/index.jsp

    A grocery store chain that's exclusive to Texas.

  • Pitcrew

    @Luna said:

    I think Galveston is gross

    That just proves you've been there.

  • Best grocery store EVER. Love my Market HEB.

    @Silver Haha how did you know?!

  • Pitcrew

    For the conspiracy theorists: http://www.allnewspipeline.com/They_Are_Preparing_For_Something_Huge.php

    There are a lot of people hearing alarm bells going off in their heads with the recent announcement of multiple Walmart Supercenters closing, all at once, in multiple states (some of which are states being prepared for the Jade Helm military exercises), all claiming a "plumbing" issue, with recent news of some type of underground tunnel projects involving Walmart and DHS.
    Over the last year Caterpillar has shuttered multiple facilities with the claim of consolidation, and now some Walmart facilities are closing in Florida, California, Texas, and Oklahoma, with no notice given to employees, citing "plumbing issues," yet major news outlets report that no permits had been applied for by Walmart for future repairs.
    In a previous ANP article we quoted a former military man as stating via email "Walmart's are outfitted with extensive communications, communications that are identical from store to store and even country to country," stating he believes "the primary purpose for Walmart's, similar stores and malls will be for supply depots for military and initial staging area for local civilians to be processed (clothes ID's etc.), then moved to sanctuary's/FEMA camps after processing." He continues on to point out "the delivery entrances and storage are already set up."

    A former Navy Seal also shares his take on the underground tunnels recently reported on, stating "The tunnels are already in place. they are using the 6 months, which brings us into September, to clear the places out and configure them for supply depots, communication hubs and pre-processing centers."
    [Other Stuff]

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