A timestring-ish function in TinyMUX?

  • Hi guys. I was wondering if there is an equivalent in TinyMUX to the timestring() function?

    timestring() in PennMUSH:

      timestring(<seconds>[,<pad flag>])
      The timestring function takes a number of seconds as input and
      returns the amount of time formatted into days, hours, minutes, and
      seconds. If <pad flag> is 1, all time periods will be used even
      if the number of seconds is less than a day, hour, or minute.
      If <pad flag> is 2, all numbers will be 2 digits long.
      > say [timestring(301)]
      You say, " 5m  1s"
      > say [timestring(301,1)]
      You say, "0d  0h  5m  1s"
      > say [timestring(301,2)]
      You say, "00d 00h 05m 01s"

    Maybe exptime()? Would that do the same thing?

    exptime() from MUX:

      FUNCTION: exptime(<seconds>)
      This function converts seconds to a number of time elements (hours,
      minutes, seconds) that is equivalent to the given number of
      This is very similar to the writetime() function, but the elements
      are given their short names instead of long names.
        > say exptime(45)
        You say, "45s"
        > say exptime(12345)
        You say, "3h 25m 45s"
        > say exptime(123456)
        You say, "1d 10h 17m 36s"

  • Yes.

    Nothing else to say here. Just "yes, this is what you're looking for unless you want the padding".

  • @thenomain Thank you! Certainly SEEMED the same, but you never know. MU*s are tricky beasts.

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