Zarkon's playlist

  • Y'know, I should really change my name on here -- I haven't used Zarkon anywhere in ..... probably 10-15 years.


    What I -remember-.

    PernMush: Zarkon/Z'kon (I was a fucking idiot for most of this -- well, most of the 90s, really)
    SouCon: Veyon/V'yon
    Texas Twilight: Alexandre
    AmberMush: Veyon
    Uncanny X-Mush: Longshot, Alexandre (I think)
    Children of the Atom: Iceman, I think? Or Longshot. Either. I don't know.
    A lot of other X-Men mu*s: Can't remember
    Other superhero places: Can't remember.
    Other WoD places: Can't remember
    Other places in general: Still can't remember
    Firan: Zutrik
    Arx: Harlan

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