What was the name of this orig historical game?

  • One of the first MU*s I ever played on is also one I remember the most fondly, but the name has been lost to me. It was an original setting in some tiny Welsh or British village around the time of the first world war I think. Something like Huddleton-on-Slossip or similar. It was mostly historical but with supernatural elements, including a lot of descriptive auto emits in public rooms like the scent of a woman's perfume in the cemetery etc.
    I want to say it existed in the late 90s/early 2000s. When it shutdown some people continued to RP by bulletin board or email or similar.
    Anybody remember this place and what it was called?

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    It started with a P. Poddington on Slossip? I remember it existing, but I'm not 100% sure on the name either. I wanna say Poddington tho.

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  • @sunny ... They still have the logs even! Oh wow. Thank you, Sunny! Time to go be swept away by nostalgia.

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    I played there for a bit.

  • @rainsodden I still haven't found another game that gives me that feeling of immersion. It set a high bar as far as atmosphere goes!

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    @kay It was an enchanting little game, and very unique. In a weird way, I wish it had been around later--I think Present-Me would appreciate it more than Past-Me. I was a teenager then and it was only my second game.

    Sadly, I remember it having typical Small Game problems. A lot of initial enthusiasm followed by just not enough players, and I have the vague memory there were a lot of time zone issues with the ones that remained. I remember having a really difficult time finding RP there a lot of the time. Ultimately, I think there were more people who loved the idea of it more than could commit to M* style play, which is why they tried other forms of RP after closing the game.

    I was very sad when it closed. I thought there were a lot of stories left to be told and the mysteries had barely been scratched. I can't remember the specifics but seem to remember there were a bunch of mysterious little things scattered around the grid that I really wanted to know about! When the closure was announced, a friend of mine there excitedly told me about the Greco-Roman fantasy game with the neat code she'd found, I told her it didn't sound like my thing but let her drag there because I didn't have any other games at the time and somehow she drifted off and I ended up playing Firan for nearly a decade, much to my dismay now.

    It would have closed (or the closure announced, rather; I remember the game itself stayed up, empty, for nearly a year after) in December 1999, because that was when I started on Firan. It ran for a couple of years, so it was definitely a late 90s game.

    (On the off chance there are any other Pod players lurking about, I was Emilia Penrose.)

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