Grid Descriptions of Gotham City

  • I've resurrected my Long Halloween MUSH project, with all files save the application and command listing files, plus the policy files, complete (I need to bug surf for typos), and I've added in a perfected form of my License to Kill combat system, plus a combat branching system that I developed for another project that I've modified into the combat system.

    I need people to write nice, elegant little descriptions of an already built Gotham City grid. I've decided to steer away from pre-writing FCs, and I've balanced FCs with OCs by giving FCs the ability to start at a higher stat level, but OCs have the option of increasing their stats by earning AP (FCs don't earn AP) and adding to their metapower index as they go.

    If you're interested in a Gotham City based MUSH, with a unique take on the setting of Gotham City and a primer on roleplaying I feel is perfect for a comic game, I'd love to hear from you. The grid is all pre-built, I just need desc legwork.

    Use the chat function on MU Soapbox, if you don't already have the addy.

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