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    Horror MUX is a game of mortal horror set in a variety of rotating settings and themes, using different versions of the same characters, and with an underlying connection running throughout.

    This is not your normal MU*. You don't write a background and 'make' a character. Players choose an Archetype for their character to embody, and that Archetype takes on a new character/role in each story, given to them by The Director. You decide their gender, name, age, ethnicity and appearance, as well as their personality (informed by the chosen Archetype), but the role they play in each story is assigned by The Director (again, informed by the chosen Archetype), along with hooks for the current story and often some supporting characters you can emit. This way, you get to play who you want to play, but you also play what the story needs played. Stories run as long as they take - each has a specific 'ending', often involving escaping an area, surviving until a certain time, or in rare cases defeating the danger(s). Fighting or killing the danger is rarely a good idea and simply surviving is usually the best strategy. It will usually - but not always! - be clear what the goal is. Examples include getting off a xenomorph-infested space station, surviving on an island until rescue comes, escaping a haunted house that's trapped its inhabitants, and so on. A story can also end with the deaths of all active Archetypes. In this game, there CAN be unhappy endings.

    In between stories (or upon death in a story), Archetypes find themselves trapped in a sterile, lifeless place known only as The Facility, with no memory of who they are - or if they're real people at all! - but full memory of each story they've experienced and the role they played. There are no other people in the facility outside of the Archetypes, no cameras seem to watch them, food is provided by dispensers, and there is no exit or any windows. Each Archetype has a personal quarters consisting of a bedroom and bathroom, and clean clothes befitting the Archetype are provided daily, also by dispensers in their rooms. All of their needs are taken care of by unseen benefactors - or jailers, depending on point of view. This existence goes on without any clue as to day or night, season, or year. They can do as they please while in the facility - eating, sleeping, recreation - whenever they please. Sometimes new Archetypes show up, and sometimes old ones just disappear.

    Without warning, all current Archetypes will eventually become sleepy at the same time, and once asleep, find themselves in a new story. Once inside, they remember nothing of the facility or past stories, and simply become the role they are assigned. The only ways to leave the story are to die in it or to finish it. Upon death or completion of the story, they wake up back in the facility. The rest of the Archetypes are nowhere to be found until they, too, die or finish the story.

    To allow players a way to continue within the story in the event their Archetype dies, they may continue to play any surviving Supporting Roles they have. Their Archetype, now back in the facility, has no knowledge or memory of those events, however. Archetypes may also resume facility RP with any other Archetypes that have died if they wish. A player whose Archetype has died in the story, has no remaining Supporting Roles, and no fellow dead Archetypes with them in the facility may be given a Central Casting character to play. This way there should always be something to do.

    Over time, your Archetype will begin to evolve and flesh out, becoming more of a person as the stories and experiences shape them. Facility RP will become more interesting as the Archetypes turn to each other to try and make sense of it all and figure out what's really going on. There IS a deeper meta-story, and things WILL slowly unravel over time.

    We employ a modified version of the Slasher Flick system which emphasizes personal horror and cinematic narrative over stats and combat, and this very simple game system is explained on the wiki. There is no need to purchase any books.

    We are now in our fourth Season: Slasher!, an 80's romp in true genre style. Past seasons have been logged in their entirety and everything can be read at our wiki. Check it out today!

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    Slasher is wrapping up in the next week or two, bringing Season 4 to a close. It's been a blast of unexpected feels, tons of tropes and all the bad decisions in the world.

    Up next for Season 5? Carnival of Wonders!

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    We have 10 Archetypes open (out of 50 total) and our next story starts March 15th. Come join the Carnival of Wonders! This will be our 5th season, and is a mix of Carnivale and American Gods. I expect it to run 3 months.

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    My work schedule transition is mostly done now, and I'm back running scenes again. If you had idled as things slowed down when my schedule ate me, now's a good time to check back in. The plot is starting to move again!

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    Season 6: Project Icarus

    In 2231, an anomaly in space was identified - an asteroid that is slowing down the closer it gets to KV-273, a black hole. Initially discovered on a deep space scan for precious Rare Earths, the asteroid was found to contain the largest concentration ever found anywhere in our galaxy. Scientists mapped its trajectory in preparation for an expedition and found it heading directly at KV-273 at staggering speed. Frustration set in as they wrestled with the physics of getting to it before it gets too close to the singularity, but then something truly impossible happened: it slowed down.

    At its current rate of decline, it will come to a full stop before crossing the event horizon, something that simply should not be happening. They have dubbed this asteroid Icarus.

    Having determined that Icarus is stable and has a strong gravity well, a series of probes were sent, followed by a manned mission in 2244. What initially started as a mining mission has become much bigger as the secrets behind Icarus' existence could rewrite physics as humanity knows it. That first manned mission ended in disaster as the small crew fell victim to some sort of mania. Penumbra Corp, the megacorp behind the Icarus Project, are convinced that they have isolated the cause of that madness and solved a number of other issues the first mission struggled with, and have launched a second mission.

    You're set to enter the Icarus gravity well and awaken from stasis in 2249.

    This story is best described as EVENT HORIZON, THE THING and AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS thrown in a blender. Claustrophobic, sanity-breaking horror awaits.

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    Season 6: Project Icarus is heading into the home stretch and will wrap by August 1st. If you have an Archetype and haven't been active for whatever reason (no judgment!), I need you to log in this week and let me know if you plan on returning for next story. Otherwise I'll be recycling all Archetypes that have no logged RP in the last two weeks on the 14th and listing them as open again.

    What's the next story? Bonds of Blood. Ad to come after Project Icarus ends.

  • Ahhh! I about lost my poop when I clicked on that link! I am going to find a way to be part of that plot!

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    Okay, this piques my curiosity. I see you currently have no Idealist. Curious...

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    Season 7: Bonds of Blood starts August 6th!

    alt text

    Set in Spring of 1994, Bonds of Blood is a Vampire story in the mold of Lost Boys and Salem's Lot. It takes place in 90's Spring Break mecca Lake Havasu City, AZ., where the old London Bridge was moved in the late 60's. It's a tourist trap town on the Colorado River built around the Bridge and a kitschy English Village next to/under it. While it's a fun place to visit - and MTV does for Spring Break each year - it's like any other small town to grow up in - slow and boring. A bit odd, but normal for most of the year.

    PCs this story can be High School Seniors (18), or adults (18+). There are five families to choose from, and each has extended family options. Each age group and each Family have certain Perks and Quirks tailored just to them.

    Read Family (faction) pages and pick your family. Contact The Director with your ideas.![alt text]

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    alt text

    Season 8: The Last Road starts November 9th!

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    About The Last Road:

    Around eight decades ago, the world died. Very few who are alive today were around then, which leads to some disagreement over the exact year, and it wasn't a single event but a rapid collapse. Some say 79 years ago, some say 76, but most common consensus is that it happened 78 years ago. In a short amount of time the seas boiled, the Earth was scorched, and nearly everything that lived, died.

    Many people are sick, deformed, or both. Tumors and 'the sickness' send most to an early grave. The more they live out in the wastes, the more contaminated they get. Only those with good shelter and clean water and food resemble anything close to normal, and the air still takes its toll over time even then.

    Nuclear war? Climate change? Asteroid? Most people don't even know what those things are anymore. All they know is the dead world, their world, and that survival is all there is.

    The Last Road is inspired by and borrows heavily from the Millerverse of Mad Max, but is not set in the continuity of the films. It takes place some years after.

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