Second Pass MUSH!

  • Pitcrew

    Easter may be behind us, but at Second Pass MUSH we are still all about the eggs. Azov Weyr is gearing up for another Search cycle for a Hatching taking place in late May. Dragon eggs aren't your thing? Come check out the Xanadu Town Thousand Year Egg Festival and pit yourself against the townsfolk, who maintain that only they truly appreciate these delicacies. Never heard of a thousand year egg? Go to and enjoy

    We also have a batch of adoptable NPC weyrlings from our Hatching in March, as well as spots for townspeople, crafters, instariders, college students and professors, and general n'er-do-wells. Second Pass is a DRoP game that takes place early in Pern's timeline, when Thread is still a relatively new menace, society is moving towards the Craft and Hold system, and ties to Earth and its technology are fading. Come check us out at port 1234 and

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